The best travel tech for world explorers

Most people only go abroad once a year on vacation. But for true world explorers, travel is a way of life. Here’s the best travel tech for surviving in any country.

The best travel tech for world explorers
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  • What are the best travel gadgets? Keep reading for some inspiration, and see our collection for more!

While the main attractions are always worth seeing, some of the most amazing places on Earth are not in the guidebooks. In order to thrive in these obscure destinations, you may need to pack some specialist gear. Here’s our pick of the best travel tech for people who love to explore off the beaten path.

BANDI Sleek Pocketed Belts

best travel tech 02

BANDI belts

As a tourist, you’re a prime target for thieves. BANDI belts allow you to carry your money and passport securely and discreetly, even if you don’t have pockets.

Price: $30 USD

GoHeart Mesh Outdoor Networking Device

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GoHeart mesh devices

In some parts of the world, the mobile network can be patchy. This mesh device lets you contact friends and call for help using walkie-talkie radio frequencies, meaning you don’t need a regular phone signal.

Price: $169 USD

Passport Global Travel Adapter

best travel tech 03

Global travel adapter

No matter where you venture, this compact travel adapter will keep your gadgets charged. It works in 150 countries, with four USB ports and auto-resetting fuses.

Price: $49 USD

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Atmotube Portable Air Pollution Monitor

best travel tech 04

Air pollution sensor

In many major cities around the world, air pollution is a problem. Atmotube is a tiny sensor that alerts you to toxic volatile organic compounds and harmful gases, meaning you can take precautions.

Price: $99 USD

Langogo AI Pocket Translator and Wi-Fi Hotspot

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Pocket translator and Wi-Fi hotspot

This multi-functional device uses AI to provide instant voice translation between 60 different languages. In addition, Langogo turns a data connection into Wi-Fi. This means you can get online anywhere.

Price: $139 USD

Matador FlatPak Travel Toiletry Bottle

best travel tech 05

Travel toiletry bottle

Shampoo and moisturizer bottles can take up a surprising amount of luggage space. The flexible FlatPak toiletry bottles offer a much more compact alternative. They are completely waterproof and TSA approved.

Price: $12.99 USD

Zendure A8 Portable External Battery

best travel tech 06

Zendure Z8 battery

If you’re planning to leave civilization behind, this huge battery pack will keep you connected. With a capacity of 26800mAh and Quick Charge 3.0, you can fill your iPhone six times over.

Price: $89.99 USD

Dreamlight Rechargeable Sleep Mask

best travel tech 07

Dreamlight sleep mask

Jet lag can put a real downer on your travel experience. The Dreamlight sleep mask helps you get used to the new time zone, with smart light therapy and soothing sounds.

Price: $179 USD

Google Pixel Buds Wireless Translating Earbuds

best travel tech 08

Google Pixel earbuds

Another option for live translation are the smart Pixel Buds from Google. With a touch of a button, these earbuds will give you a direct translation from 40 different languages. In addition, you can use them to ask Google for directions and train times.

Price: $159 USD

Best travel tech

Whether you’re planning to venture into the Amazon rainforest or explore the cities of south east Asia, these gadgets should improve your trip.

What are your travel essentials? We’d love to read your reviews in the comments!

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