The best new travel tech to help you stay connected

While travel is often about escapism, you might not want to be detached from your friends and family. This travel tech will help you stay connected, no matter how remote your destination might be.

The best new travel tech to help you stay connected
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  • How do you stay connected without Wi-Fi? Get yourself a portable hotspot. These devices allow you to use a data connection on all your devices.
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For many of us, travel is about escaping the daily grind. But that doesn’t mean you want to be cut off from family, friends and the outside world. This travel tech will help you stay connected, wherever you’re headed this summer.

Genius Pack Supercharged Carry-On Luggage

This lightweight, airline-approved case has a built-in 10,000mAh power bank and USB charging ports. It also has a solid polycarbonate shell to protect your most fragile devices, and plenty of inner compartments.

Price: $239 USD

ONE Mini Pocket Multilingual Assistant

Communication can be difficult if you don’t know the local language. One Mini is a pocket-sized device that offers live translations between 12 different languages, with 97% accuracy.

Price: $69 USD

Somewear Global Satellite Hotspot

In some parts of the world, your cell phone will struggle to find a signal. Somewear helps you stay connected by linking with satellites. You can send text messages from the top of Everest with this thing.

Price: $349.99 USD

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FlexSafe Portable Travel Safe

Staying connected can be a challenge if your phone gets stolen. FlexSafe ensures that won’t happen. This portable safe locks onto any solid object, and it’s made from slash-resistant nylon.

Price: $69.95 USD

NOCO XGrid XGB6 Rugged Battery

The XGrid XGB6 is the perfect backup power source for your travel tech. It holds enough juice to charge your smartphone two or three times over, and the rugged outer shell can shrug off dust and water.

Price: $47.95 USD

Peak Design Travel Tech Pouch

Packing all your cables and accessories in a suitcase can be a nightmare. This pouch from Peak Design helps you to regain some order, with soft compartments for all the essentials.

Price: $59.95 USD

GlocalMe G3 Secure Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

In some parts of the world, finding a Wi-Fi network is virtually impossible. TheGlocalMe G3 solves this problem by creating a local hotspot that is powered by 4G data. It works in over 100 countries.

Price: $164.99 USD

OneAdaptr TWIST+ World Power Adapter

Instead of filling your bags with travel adapters, get the TWIST+ from OneAdaptr. This device has four USB ports and a connector for your MacBook power brick. Meanwhile, the built-in plugs have you covered in 150 countries.

Price: $44.99 USD

Voltaic OffGrid USB Solar Backpack

Where charging points are scarce, the Voltaic OffGrid backpack will keep your devices powered. With 3.5 hours of direct sunlight, the built-in monocrystalline solar panel will collect enough juice to charge your phone or tablet.

Price: $199 USD

InvizBox Go Portable VPN Device

Some governments place tough restrictions on the Internet. InvizBox Go is a pocket-sized device that lets you side-step the censorship, no matter where you are.

Price: $119 USD

Stay connected

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