SoundFlow wants to be your ultimate smartphone upgrade

Most charging cases are happy to stay in the background, providing extra power when it’s needed. But the SoundFlow case comes with wireless earbuds so that you’re never without your tunes.

SoundFlow wants to be your ultimate smartphone upgrade
  • Can you add a battery case to the iPhone XS? Yes, you can. The new SmartCase from SoundFlow adds extra power and military-grade protections.
  • What is Bluetooth 5.0? It’s the latest thing in wireless technology. It offers better range and faster transfers.
  • What are the best Bluetooth 5.0 earphones? Designed by ex-Bose engineers, the new SoundFlow wireless earphones are something special.

For those of us who enjoy messaging and YouTube procrastination a little too much, a charging case is an essential smartphone upgrade. These accessories often double the battery life of your phone, while providing some physical protection.

But you probably wouldn’t expect a charging case to be an awesome audio device. SoundFlow is a case that breaks those preconceptions, with integrated wireless earbuds that have been designed by ex-Bose engineers. If you’re only going to buy one smartphone upgrade, this duo should be on your wishlist.

What is SoundFlow?

Good question. SoundFlow is a tag-team that does not fit neatly into any of the usual categories. For this reason, the accessories are better described than labeled.

[tweet_box]The SoundFlow charging case comes with wireless earbuds so that you’re never without your tunes[/tweet_box]

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The SmartCase charging case

The mothership of SoundFlow is the SmartCase. This durable charging case passes military drop-test standards, and adds up to 200 hours to the battery life of your phone. Four models are available, fitting iPhones, Samsung Galaxy devices, and Google’s Pixel phones.

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Military-grade protection

In addition, the case works seamlessly with SoundFlow’s true wireless earbuds. These provide amazing Bluetooth 5.0 sound for eight hours straight, and they are truly wireless and compatible with Siri, Google and other voice assistants.

Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds

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Bluetooth 5.0 sound

The SoundFlow earbuds are also rain- and sweat-proof, with ambient noise-cancellation and built-in touch controls. What’s more, they match Bose and Sennheiser earphones in terms of frequency response (aka sound quality).

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Ask Siri

Once you have finished listening, the earbuds simply tuck inside the top of the case. This clever docking system has two benefits. Firstly, it’s a great way to carry tiny earbuds in your pocket. Furthermore, the case actually charges the earbuds.

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Easy charging

Starting from full, the case can actually refill the earbuds 25 times over. The process is speedy, too — 15 minutes on charge provides three hours of playback.

Military-grade charging case

Many charging cases are pretty bulky. SoundFlow’s SmartCase is no exception — but it’s probably slimmer than you would think. Measuring just 0.59 inches at the thick end, this case easily slips into your pocket.

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Slim armor

Of course, slim cases do not always provide the best protection. But the folks at SoundFlow have used AeroFlex, a lightweight shock-absorbing material, to keep your device safe.

“If you’ve ever lost an earbud or had your phone die during a great song, you know the pain. That’s why we built the world’s first 3-in-1 earbud battery case. Premium wireless earbuds, top-of-the-line phone protection and an extra battery that powers it all… at an amazing price!” — Ascape Audio

Sounding good

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The perfect combination?

While the SmartCase is a great smartphone upgrade by itself, it’s the addition of those earphones that makes SoundFlow special. And as you would expect from ex-Bose staffers, the earphones are genuinely brilliant.

A little clunky?

That’s what the haters would say. But if you don’t want to have earbuds on the top of your phone, you can purchase a separate charging case for them.


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– Pledge: $89 USD

– Delivery: February 2019

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