The Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display Upgrades Your Smartphone

The Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display Upgrades Your Smartphone

For any modern smartphone user, you’re probably on your device for most of the day. From shopping to banking to entertainment, these compact devices have become all-in-one systems. While it’s convenient to fit in your pocket, smartphone screen sizes can lead to typos, missed details, and accidental likes on social media. However, even those trendy phablets don’t quite fit the bill. Introducing the Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display. This revolutionary device:
– gives your smartphone a massive display
– works with iOS and Android devices
– connects seamlessly
– is totally affordable

The Superscreen gives you a massive screen anytime, anywhere. From working to watching movies, you get the full picture everywhere you go.

The Super Portable Touchscreen Display

Putting your smartphone into overdrive, the Superscreen enlarges the screen on your device by up to four times. Measuring 10.1 inches, the Superscreen displays exactly what your smartphone displays with a seamless connection. This means you get the full functionality of your smartphone, from data usage to apps, except on a tablet-sized screen. All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone and turn on the Superscreen.

Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display

Everything You Need

With all of the benefits of a tablet screen, Superscreen also retains the full use of your device. You can browse, shop, watch media, explore, and share just like you normally do. Except, of course, you get a massive screen. With Superscreen, there is no need to sync, update, or upgrade. The Superscreen also offers a crystal clear image without stretching or distortion. Incredibly, it even works seamlessly when 100 feet away from your smartphone. Finally, the Superscreen has a front- and a rear-facing camera and touch ID technology as well as built-in speakers. With full Bluetooth compatibility, you can also connect your favorite accessories.

Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display

Super Affordable

While tablets on the market can run you hundreds of dollars, the Superscreen is available for a special price on Kickstarter. For only $99, you can totally upgrade your smartphone experience. In addition, there are no monthly subscriptions or data fees. Coming in black or white, the Superscreen is a seamless integration to your life with loads of benefits. You’ll love catching up on shows and news in every room of the house. And the Superscreen will continue to function with each hardware or software upgrade of your smartphone.

Superscreen Portable Touchscreen Display

What We ❤️️

I think the Superscreen speaks for itself. It’s a phenomenal solution and the 12-hour battery couldn’t be better.

Future Innovation

The Superscreen is incredible as is. Maybe the future will bring even larger screens for those who can’t get enough!

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Kickstarer: Until April 20th
– Pledge: $99
– Delivery: December 2017

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