This compact air cleaner neutralizes harmful particles in the air

Do you want to be sure about the quality of the air you breathe? With this portable air, you'll breathe better air wherever you go. Using negatively charged ions, this compact air purifier provides safe, clean air wherever you are.

This compact air cleaner neutralizes harmful particles in the air
AntiVirBag portable air cleaner design

You want the air you breathe to be clean and healthy. Unfortunately, you know that indoor air pollution can be more harmful than what’s outside. And with the threat of airborne viruses and bacteria, air purifiers that remove or kill these harmful particles have become popular products this year. But there’s a problem with the large air filters you buy for your house; they have to stay there. This means that the minute you walk out the door, you can’t really be sure about the air quality. The inventors of the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner hope to solve this problem.

The AntiVirBag portable air cleaner looks like a fashion accessory. It’s a little larger than palm-sized and made of metal. It also has an oblong shape with decorative holes along the edges. Passersby could totally mistake it for a keychain or stylish charm. While this compact air cleaner has an aesthetically pleasing design, it does heavy-duty work. According to the company’s whitepapers located on its Indiegogo page, this product is a respirator that runs contaminated air through a purification system to filter pathogens and other hazards. It’s a high-quality air filter, ozonizer, ionizer, and cleaner. Adjustable straps allow you to wear it anywhere.

How does this portable air purifier work?

The company’s Indiegogo page writes that the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner works in two steps. First, it has a metal lamella insert with tips connected to a battery-operated, high-frequency generator. This generator emits negative ions into the air, which attract positively charged, harmful particles. Once these positively charged particles enter the device, they adhere to the lamella strips. In the second step, the generator extracts a small amount of ozone from the air, neutralizing the harmful particles. It’s that simple. So this is a great product for the new normal.

How do you wear this ionizer?

It’s easy to wear the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner. The device has lightweight, adjustable fasteners that you can use to strap this gadget to your abdomen, head, or shoulders. Parents will be happy to know that they can even attach this device to a stroller.

How far is this clean air device’s range?

According to the company’s whitepaper, this compact air cleaner supplies a 20-square-meter room with pure air. So while you wear it, the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner supplies clean air continuously. In addition, the air it produces is similar to what you’d find in the natural world around forests, waterfalls, and mountains.

AntiVirBag portable air cleaner

AntiVirBag portable air cleaner in an office setting

Do you have to change filters?

Another great thing about this product is that it has no filters to change. This innovative product design uses the physical and chemical properties of ions and ozone to remove unhealthy particles from the air. So for this reason, you won’t need to equip the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner with unnecessary filters. To keep this gadget clean, wash the metal lamella insert with running water or a hand brush.

How long do the batteries last?

This compact air cleaner saves energy with its rechargeable battery. It lasts for about eight hours or a full workday. Furthermore, you can case charge it anywhere using a USB port. For an additional charge, you could even use a power bank.

When can you use this portable air cleaner?

What’s more, you can wear the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner any time you want to breathe cleaner air. So you can wear it at home, work, while you’re walking on a busy sidewalk, sitting in a restaurant, etc. If you can strap on this compact air cleaner, it can work for you. It really is an air purifier that you can take anywhere.

Are negative ions good for your health?

The company’s Indiegogo page notes several health advantages of negative ions. They include blood purification, cell revitalization, a strengthened immune system, and improved sleep. So it seems they have quite a few virtues. Please visit the company’s Indiegogo page for more information about this product’s effects as a health gadget.

How durable is the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner?

Finally, this compact air cleaner is highly durable. It features high-quality materials that remain functional in all weather. If the battery weakens over time, you can replace it at a repair shop or by non-specialists with technical knowledge. This allows the AntiVirBag portable air cleaner to last much longer than the typical ozonizer or ionizers.

The AntiVirBag portable air cleaner is a convenient way to filter the air around you from harmful particles. It’s filterless and works wherever you are. Strap it to your body or keep it tied around your purse; it creates pure air that’s healthy to breathe. If you’re interested in breathing better quality air, this is a gadget you should check out.

The AntiVirBag portable air cleaner costs $107.81, and you can preorder it at Indiegogo.

Is cleaner, healthier air a priority for you? Let us know about your favorite air-filtration products in the comments.

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