The EazyMaker lifts your mattress, making it easier to change the bedsheets

Changing the bed isn't easy for everyone. The EazyMaker simplifies the task, lifting mattresses 12" for pain- and hassle-free bed linen changes. Learn all about it in the blog!

The EazyMaker lifts your mattress, making it easier to change the bedsheets
EazyMaker lifts a mattress for easy sheet removal and fitting

Changing your bedsheets is a breeze with the EazyMaker Mattress Raising System. This mattress-lifting gadget raises your mattress, making it easier to remove the sheets and put on new ones.

Does your mattress sit in a tight frame that hurts your hands when it’s time to change the sheets? Maybe your back isn’t what it used to be and lifting the mattress hurts your spine. Putting fresh sheets on a bed should be easy, not painful. And that’s where the EazyMaker comes in.

Whether you have back pain or knee pain, or you are pregnant, this useful household gadget makes changing the bed a stress-free experience. Let’s check it out!

EazyMaker intro video

Helps people change bedsheets without pain or discomfort

The EazyMaker is the brainchild of Justin Kvedaras. He was inspired to create this mattress-lifting gadget while his wife was pregnant with their first child. He realized that making the bed was challenging for many people and set out to change it.

What began as a way to make his wife’s life easier has now transformed into the EazyMaker, a gadget that simplifies the bed-making process for the disabled, injured, pregnant, and more.

EasyMaker bladder on a bed

Lifts your mattress to a comfortable height

Most mattresses don’t sit at a height that allows for comfortable changing. Often, they are close to the floor, requiring you to bend down quite a bit to remove and replace sheets.

And, depending on your physical condition, that may not be possible. What can you do? Well, the EazyMaker offers a solution. Boasting a powerful 800W air pump and a 1 mm flocked PVC bladder, this system actually raises your mattress to an accessible height.

That’s right, with just a touch of the wireless remote’s button, the bladder inflates, lifting mattresses up to 1,000 lbs. Raising the mattress in this way brings it to a better height for sheet changing, eliminating the need to kneel, bend, and twist.

EasyMaker wireless remote

Works quickly and has a patented design

Don’t worry, this mattress-lifting gadget doesn’t add extra time to your chores. In fact, it saves you time because it works quickly.

How quickly? According to the company, the EazyMaker system raises a mattress in under 60 seconds and lowers it in the same amount of time. So, in under 2 minutes, your mattress can be lifted to a height that makes accessing and changing it incredibly easy.

This way, bed changes become as easy as removing a tablecloth from a table or putting a cover on a sofa. And these chores take barely any time.

What’s more, the pump has an auto cutoff at 60 seconds and automatically deflates after 8 minutes, which makes this bed gadget even more convenient.

Compatible with all bed sizes

Whether you sleep on a super king mattress or a compact double mattress, the EazyMaker system works with your preferred bed. Choose from the Super King Kit, King Kit, Queen Kit, and Double Kit.

All the bladders are about 4 inches smaller than a standard mattress and custom sizes are available upon request. So even more unique mattress sizes are fair game with this useful gadget.

Opens new accessibility options at home and in the hotel industry

EazyMaker creates new possibilities not just for the injured, people with special needs, and those who are pregnant, but also has useful applications in the hospitality sector.

Yes, this mattress-lifting gadget makes it possible for hotel staff to change multiple beds in record time, day in and day out. It’s also a great option for any hotel that might be short on staff.

Simplifies sheet-changing for anyone

If changing the sheets is difficult for you or someone you love, the EazyMaker is a great buy. It lifts a mattress 12″, ensuring you can easily remove old sheets and fit new ones without any hassle or pain.

Want to make your chores easier than ever? Preorder the EazyMaker for about $140 on Kickstarter today! What do you love about this gadget? Let us know!

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