The Radinn Electric Wakeboard is One of a Kind

The Radinn Electric Wakeboard is One of a Kind

No boat, no tow line- no problem.

With the Radinn electric wakeboard, you are in charge of your whole wakeboarding experience. You can glide close to other boats, skim between sharp rocks and even ride in proximity with large sea animals. And when your arms get tired, you just keep on going- because there’s nothing holding you back.

Radinn Electric Wakeboard wireless hand control

How is this all possible?

Unlike traditional wakeboards, this one comes equipped with jets. The Radinn electric wakeboard is made out of carbon fiber and is extremely lightweight. It also runs on powerful lithium batteries that are much cheaper than running a gas-guzzling boat all day. The Sweden-made board is quiet, allowing you to sneak up on your friends or go on secret missions.

Wakeboarding 2.0

Without a doubt, the most intriguing feature of the Radinn electric wakeboard is wireless hand control. A small remote can be used to hit obstacles like A-frames and sliders with precision. The same remote will let you navigate around people in the water and avoid speedy boats. Control at your fingertips also means you aren’t limited to going in a straight line.

Radinn Electric Wakeboard slider

Keeping it real

Radinn didn’t completely reinvent the traditional wakeboard. They still left several essential elements intact that will let you get the best of both worlds. If you have a favorite pair of standard wakeboarding bindings, you can attach it to the board without needing to make additional holes. It also carves the water and turns like an aggressive wakeboard is supposed to. You may not be able to hit wakes to do backflips and raleys, but you can ride in tightly packed harbors, over large fountains and flooded areas with ease.

Radinn Electric Wakeboard riding in city over fountain

The latest product by Radinn will take you where your old wakeboard can’t go. It brings a new experience to the table, taking you on the wildest ride of your life.

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