Elwing Electric Skateboard Makes your Commute Fun

Elwing Electric Skateboard Makes your Commute Fun

Is your commute the worst part of your day? Do you dread the traffic every morning and evening? It’s time to stop the suffering. The doctor is in and I am prescribing you a daily dose of Elwing.

Kinder to the environment and your stress levels, Elwing gets you from A to B with some added fun. Coming in the shape of a skateboard, it’s fast enough to make Marty McFly jealous.

Everything about Elwing has been well thought out and designed to make your commute more enjoyable. As the world’s most compact electric skateboard, it’s lightweight yet packed with power. Charging in just 45 minutes, Elwing can reach speeds up to 18 miles per hour for up to seven miles on a single charge. Ideal for city dwellers, it weighs only 9.9 lbs.

The powerful 500W frictionless motor is actually built right into the wheel of Elwing to utilize your movement as more power. Unlike a traditional skateboard, this motor gives you control in addition to speed. Elwing can handle going uphill with ease with a gradient of up to 10%. The motor gives you a gliding effect at any speed and any gradient so the ride is always smooth and steady.

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Elwing is made for everyone and is very easy to learn to ride. Paired with a remote control, the power is in your hands whether you’re headed uphill or going downhill. The remote control even has a brake function so you can stop effortlessly without the fear of falling or crashing which makes it perfect for weaving around traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, Elwing can be easily stored or even carried.


Live on Indiegogo until October 16th, the designers of Elwing have raised an incredible $68k which is well beyond their goal. Exclusive to the campaign, you can order Elwing for only $599 with the early bird contribution. But, you’d better act fast as the board will go to its full retail price after the campaign.

How much time could you shave off your commute with Elwing?

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