HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost

Your brain was programmed to wake up when the bright light of morning streams through your window. HumanCharger takes advantage of this instinctive reaction, beaming light into your skull whenever you need an energy boost.

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost
Get an energy booost with HumanCharger
  • How do you beat the winter blues? You can exercise, eat complex carbs, take vitamin D supplements, and try light therapy.
  • What is your circadian rhythm? It is the natural cycle that dictates when you should sleep and when you should wake up. It repeats roughly every 24 hours.
  • Can light masks help you overcome jet lag? Yes, actually. By applying light at the right time, you can help to reset your body clock.

There are few conditions worse than being unable to sleep. It happens to many of us after a long-haul flight. For others, sleeplessness is never far away. Much of the time, we struggle to rest because our circadian rhythm has gone awry. One way to correct the sleep-wake cycle is to trick your brain using light. HumanCharger is a headset that utilizes this form of light therapy. Two earplugs shine bright light into your skull during the day, making your mind sharp when it needs to be. It’s a great way to beat insomnia and the winter blues.

What is light therapy?

This term is used for various forms of treatment where light is applied to the patient. In the case of insomnia or depression caused by a lack of sunlight, light therapy usually involves being exposed to bright artificial light.

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost - winter blues

Get an energy boost any time with HumanCharger

When a lack of sleep is the problem, the timing of the exposure is important. You need to see light at the opposite end of the day to bedtime.

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost

These earbuds have a hidden feature

HumanCharger is a device that makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of light therapy, wherever you are. At first glance, the headset looks like a regular pair of in-ear headphones. HumanCharger offers all the same features, too — you can take calls and listen to music via Qualcomm aptX HD audio.

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Smart earbuds

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost

Feel the power of light

When you want to reset your body clock, however, those smart earbuds reveal a hidden feature. At the end of each earpiece is a powerful light that shines brightly into your ear.

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost

HumanCharger mimics sunlight

Designed to mimic natural sunlight, the earbuds can reduce jet lag by as much as 50%. In addition, they give you an energy boost during the day and help to stave off winter blues.

HumanCharger uses light to give you an energy boost

Beat the winter blues with HumanCharger

HumanCharger connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can control the lights using simple one-tap controls. They are comfortable to wear for long periods, and you get 10 hours of light therapy on a full battery.

“Sunlight is the source for a significant portion of our daily health. Not enough sunlight and our body and mind suffer the consequences. HumanCharger provides a supplement to the nourishing rays of sun exactly when you need it.” — HumanCharger on Indiegogo

What we ❤️

Listening to music is a good way to improve your mood. This headset adds light therapy into the mix for a great pick-me-up.

Future designs

At present, HumanCharger comes with a neck strap. At some point, though, we would love to see a “true wireless” version.


– Indiegogo: Until October 6

– Pledge: $120 USD

– Delivery: November 2019

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