Feeling Down? Get a Lift with MOJO Bracelets

Feeling Down? Get a Lift with MOJO Bracelets

Back in the 1990s, slap bracelets were a playground craze. Made from flexible steel, these accessories amused our childish minds by snapping shut around the wrist. As with all kiddy obsessions, the trend passed soon enough — but the idea still remains pretty useful. MOJO is a brand new slap bracelet with a difference. You can load this stylish band with aromatherapy oils and then enjoy wafts of scent throughout the day. It’s great for when you’re feeling down or in need of an energy boost.

– Bracelets use color therapy and aromatherapy to keep you motivated through the day

– Designed to diffuse oils, allowing better spread of scent

– Four different styles and oils for different moods and behavior

Stop Feeling Down

You might not realize it, but being exposed to different colors and scents can have a significant impact on your brain. For instance, red is known to make people more impulsive, while blue has a calming effect. Likewise, inhaling the scent of ylang-ylang can pull you out of dark moods, while lavender can soothe frayed nerves.

MOJO brings color theory and aromatherapy together for a double-strength dose of mood enhancement. There are four versions to choose from, each with its own uses.

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Clever Bands

As with the slap bracelets of old, MOJOs are made from stainless steel. This flexible metal wraps around your wrist on contact, providing a firm yet temporary hold. When you need to remove the band, it can be unwrapped with minimal effort.

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Your wrist is separated from the metal by soft neoprene, and a microfiber layer on the outside. To start experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy, you simply apply the supplied oils to your band.

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The neoprene layer locks in those essential oils, while the microfiber layer diffuses the scent. This design also prevents the concentrated oil from coming into direct contact with your skin.

Mood Enhancement

The MOJO range includes four different wristbands: Relaxed, Energized, Inspired, and Blessed. As the names suggest, each offers something different.

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The blue Relaxed band should evoke a meditative mood. In contrast, the orange Energized band should invigorate your senses, while the Blessed band offers a sense of spirituality. Meanwhile, the greeny-blue Inspired band will help you come up with bright ideas.

Of course, it’s questionable whether the color of a bracelet can change your mood. You probably don’t spend all day looking at your wrist, after all.

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But what isn’t in doubt is the efficacy of aromatherapy. MOJO’s oils are 100% natural and carefully blended by experts. As a result, you should feel clear benefits from wearing these bracelets.

“Simple, beautiful, accessible, and functional, MOJO makes aroma and color therapy fun, and allows anyone, anywhere, to tap into all the magic and natural healing effects that essential oils have to offer. It comes in four colors, and can be taken from home to the office, and everywhere in between. Get your mojo on, without the flannel bag.” — MOJO on Kickstarter

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What We ❤️

All the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. From your office desk to the great outdoors, these wristbands will keep lifting your spirits.

Future Designs

The subtle pattern design looks great, but it would be nice to have alternative options.


– Kickstarter: Until December 1st

– Pledge: $35 USD

– Delivery: March 2018

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