Flashy Backpack Is Your Bright Spark After Dark

Flashy Backpack Is Your Bright Spark After Dark

For too long, backpacks have lived under the tyranny of dull design. Why does every single bag have to be a dark blob slung over your shoulder? If you would prefer to show some sense of style, Flashy Backpack should be right up your street. This durable bag has a light-up LED front pouch that offers 20 different colors and light modes. It’s truly a bright spark after dark, and the durable design should see you through every day.

– Four cut-out patterns and 20 different colors/light modes to choose from

– Made from industrial felt that is durable and naturally water-repellent

– Large main compartment can hold all your everyday carry essentials

Some Bright Spark

Most of us will never trek through the Amazon rainforest or climb the Himalayas. Yet for some reason, we buy “rugged” backpacks that are made for adventure. These bags are usually dull to look at and completely unsuitable for the daily commute.

In contrast, Flashy Backpack has a sense of humor. This bag is compact enough for packed subways, but big enough for your everyday essentials. In addition, the back pouch has a customizable pattern of LED lights that will add style to any street. It looks right at home in the city, but it’s equally happy to visit the backcountry.

The light show comes courtesy of a small device hidden within the outer pocket. Powered by three AA batteries, the LEDs provide a beautiful glow that passes through a pattern of cut-outs. You can choose between four different styles, from simple cubes to fun palm trees.

bright spark 03

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Furthermore, the LEDs can be controlled via a remote inside the bag. You can scroll through various colors and light modes, depending on your mood. It looks truly awesome after dark, like the neon underlighting on modified cars. Another benefit is that the lights make you more visible to the traffic on unlit roads.

bright spark 01

Built to Last

But don’t think this bag is just about looks. The Flashy Backpack is made from strong and durable industrial felt. This material is naturally water-repellant, so your kit should stay dry in any weather.

bright spark Flashy Backpack

You can fit all your essentials in the main compartment, and the outer pocket offers quick access. Likewise, the straps are comfortable for all-day wear. While the lights are best saved for after dark, you will value these key features through every day.

bright spark 04

“We think this world is way too serious. That’s why we came up with the Flashy Backpack! One look and you’re guaranteed to smile.  We’re sure you’ll delight somebody as you walk down the street with this party machine strapped to your back.” — Flashy Backpack on IndieGoGo

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What We ❤️

It’s nice that someone designing a backpack has thought about style for once. Flashy looks great, even during the day. But above all, this bag is ideal for your daily commute.

Future Designs

We would love to see more patterns, because that’s the best visual feature on this bag. Additionally, it would be nice to see different base colors for the bag in future.


– IndieGoGo: Until July 3rd

– Pledge: $21

– Deal: Gadget Flow members get the early bird tier for $21!

– Delivery: August 2017

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