This innovative spoon will make your food taste better

Are you tired of not being able to finish a container of plain yogurt because it tastes so sour? And what about your goal to cook with less sugar and salt? It's not always easy to eat the foods you should, especially if you don't like their flavor. But that's about to change with the SpoonTEK taste-elevating spoon. This spoon actually makes food taste better. Check out this blog post to find out how.

This innovative spoon will make your food taste better
SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon in a Person’s Hand

You love food. But sometimes, certain ingredients can leave a pasty, sour aftertaste in your mouth (non-fat Greek yogurt, I’m looking at you). And if you’re on a reduced-sodium diet or are trying to eat healthier, you know you probably need to get used to eating blander-tasting food. Or do you? The makers of the SpoonTEK taste-elevating spoon believe that people shouldn’t have to suffer through unexciting food. That’s why they developed this flavor-enhancing spoon. It uses a mild electric charge to improve our perception of foods that have a sour aftertaste or little flavor.

Out of the box, you’ll notice that SpoonTEK boasts a sleek and modern design. The high-gloss material and contemporary shape emanate quality and feel good in your hand. Currently, this flavor-enhancing spoon comes in classic white and black color options that are sure to match any set of dishes. But the most important design elements of this spoon are its two electrodes: one on the bottom of the handle and the other in the bowl of the spoon. These sensors help awaken your tongue to exciting taste possibilities.

How do we perceive taste?

To understand how SpoonTEK works, it’s first important to understand how we perceive taste. The human tongue can process five flavors at one time: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and savory. The taste receptors inside the tastebuds activate while we eat and send the information they receive to the brain. And, ultimately, it’s the brain that has the final say about how we perceive the flavor. This final decision is also influenced by other sensory systems like sight and smell. Past food experiences and hunger play a role as well.

How does this taste-elevating spoon work?

SpoonTEK uses advanced electronics in tandem with tongue and brain sensory to give you an amazing eating experience. As I mentioned above, this taste-enhancing spoon includes two electrodes. When food makes contact with the electrode in the spoon bowl and your finger touches the electrode on the sensor in the handle, a mild electric current travels through the food. This current reaches your mouth, tongue, taste buds, and the taste receptors inside of your tastebuds. You know the process is working when the LED light on the handle illuminates. While you won’t notice the current, you will notice how great your food tastes. How does this happen? The electric current excites the taste buds on your tongue, allowing them, and your brain, to perceive a smoother flavor and an improved aftertaste. It’s definitely one of those smart home gadgets you’ll want after you experience it.

Did you know? Since SpoonTEK works in enhancing your sense of taste, this device can possibly help with those having taste issues and suffering from ailments like dementia, Alzheimer’s, COVID-19. In addition to that, the spoon is also great for using with low-calorie food items for those willing to maintain a healthy diet and fight obesity. These items often don’t have strong taste but with SpoonTEK, you can actually feel the enhanced taste and enjoy those foods even more.

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon in Black

What types of food does SpoonTEK work with?

SpoonTEK works great for foods that are sour and have a lingering aftertaste. The technology inside the spoon neutralizes the harsher flavor and makes the food experience smoother. We all know how healthy plain Greek yogurt is. And while the thick texture is satisfying, the flavor can be rather acidic. But with SpoonTEK, you’ll no longer perceive that unpleasant sensation, allowing you to enjoy this healthy food staple. Likewise, for bland foods or reduced salt diets, this spoon can heighten the flavors that are already there, making them taste better without any caloric taste enhancers. With that in mind, this incredible spoon works great with yogurt, ice cream, soup, and pretty much anything else you can eat with a spoon.

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon Side View

Can I use SpoonTEK with hot and cold foods?

Let’s be honest; no one likes a plate of lukewarm food. And the inventors of SpoonTEK understand. This flavor-enhancing spoon works with foods of any temperature, from frozen yogurt to hot porridge. So you don’t have to worry about getting your food to the perfect temperature so that this spoon can work properly. It’s a great utensil to use when you start your morning with that bowl of muesli or end the day with a piping hot dish of vegetable risotto.

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon Top View

Does this smart utensil have an on/off switch?

With its state-of-the-art technology, you’d think that this spoon would need to be turned on and off. But it doesn’t. SpoonTEK actually gets powered by the human body’s energy. The device automatically gets activated when you hold the electrode on the handle and when there’s food in the spoon bowl. So, you can use this spoon just as you would a typical one. There’s nothing to turn on or off or to charge, which makes this product super easy to use.

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon in Color Options

How is this taste-enhancing spoon made?

SpoonTEK is manufactured by a leading producer of consumer products and boasts ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certifications. The factory routinely passes QC/QA, security audits, and ethical standards. Also, SpoonTEK features food-safe materials and have CE and RoHS testing.

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon in a Person’s Hand

Can I recycle this innovative utensil?

Recyclability is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds these days, and this company hears you. For that reason, the inventors have designed SpoonTEK to be fully disposable. On its Indiegogo page, the company asks you to follow your local recycling guidelines for electronic devices with batteries.

SpoonTEK Taste Elevating Spoon

SpoonTEK Taste-Elevating Spoon Held Horizontally

SpoonTEK is a cool gadget and one that would make a great addition to anyone’s smart kitchen. If you find yourself struggling through a healthier diet, this flavor-enhancing spoon can help. Also, if you’d like to enjoy a wider range of foods but are sensitive to sour flavors, this spoon can give you more options. All in all, this unique spoon enhances the flavor of food and can truly make eating even more enjoyable.

SpoonTEK taste-elevating spoon costs $29 and is available for preorder on Indiegogo.

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