These eco-friendly tees make you feel even better out on the course

There's no better way to spend a crisp, fall afternoon than playing 18 holes on the golf course. But every time you tee-off, you obliterate your wooden tee, leaving splinters everywhere and annoying the course employees. The creators of SureShot Tee eco-friendly golf tee hope to offer a solution. This highly durable tee is reusable and can even help your swing.

These eco-friendly tees make you feel even better out on the course
SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg With Trees

Yes, the golf course. There’s no better way to relax on a sunny afternoon than making that perfect swing that lands you right on the green. But if you’re like most of us, just about every time you swing, you end up obliterating your wooden tee. It leaves an unsightly mess on the course and increases maintenance costs. Not to mention, tees made from cheap plastic can be dangerous to birds. But the SureShot Tee eco-friendly tee offers a solution. Finally, there’s only one tee you need to buy.

Unlike your typical wooden tee, this eco-friendly tee is made from an ultra-high, impact-resistant polymer that can withstand even the strongest of blows. And its patented design features a resettable mechanism that moves out of the way when you strike. So this updated, durable tee won’t interfere with your game, and you can use it over and over again. That’s sustainable gear any golfer can appreciate.

This golf gear is durable

I mentioned above that SureShot Tee is made from an impact-resistant polymer, but let’s go into depth about that. This material has been proven effective for use in high-impact sports equipment, which means it can withstand hits from steel rods. It’s also recyclable and moldable. So when you buy a SureShot Tee, you know you’re buying a product that won’t just end up in a landfill.

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg With a Golf Ball

This golf equipment won’t interfere with your swing

Will this gadget harm my follow-through? This is the question most golfers are probably wondering at this point. The makers of this eco-friendly tee designed their product with the golfer in mind. The tee moves out of the way when you hit it and allows for that all-important follow through. In fact, this durable golf tee provides an even better follow-through than a wooden peg since those have to break to get out of your way. SureShot Tee should give you longer distance and higher velocity.

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg on the Green

SureShot Tee is compatible and compliant

You may also be wondering if this eco-friendly tee complies with USGA and R&A regulations. It does. So you can feel free to use this tee for your weekend golf outings as well as tournaments. Also, the standard peg width fits most tee holders, so you won’t have an issue using them on the course. With so many of us working from home these days, you want the time you spend outdoors to be as stress-free as possible, and a gadget like this ensures you can play.

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg Side View

This durable golf tee comes in different sizes

You use different sizes of clubs throughout your golf game, so shouldn’t your tee adapt? This eco-friendly tee does. The company offers three sizes of tees, depending on your club: Size 3 is for drivers, Size 2 is for woods or irons, and Size 1 is for irons exclusively.

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg

SureShot Tee Reusable Golf Peg in Color Options

The SureShot Tee features a patented design

SureShot Tee’s design features a quick, resettable mechanism that’s easy to use. Simply push it into the ground, lift up the tee portion, set your ball on top, and swing. The tee will bend on impact. It’s never been easier to golf well and sustainably. The design itself is patented and features durable metal bearing, a plastic encapsulation process, and consistent depth shoulder.

This golf accessory has non-toxic components

These golf-tees aren’t just better for the environment because they’re reusable and recyclable. They also feature non-toxic components. So even when it’s time to throw away this product, you can feel good knowing that it doesn’t contain chemicals that can enter the soil.

As someone who comes from a family of golfers, I think SureShot Tee eco-friendly tee is a great addition to any golf bag. It reduces unsightly tee splinters on the course and won’t harm the surrounding wildlife, because who doesn’t enjoy the sound of the birds while they’re golfing? It’s part of the fun and helps you find a little zen while you’re out there. And best of all, these durable golf tees could even improve your swing. I know what some of my family members are getting for the holidays.

SureShot Tee eco-friendly tee costs $24, and you can preorder it on Kickstarter.

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