Smart kitchen gear that will transform your home cooking

These days, unless you order delivery for every meal, you're probably cooking more than you ever have. While cooking can be a joy, the day-in, day-out necessity of making a meal (especially if you're cooking for a family) can start to feel like a chore. At this point, you might be looking for ways to make your home-cooked meals a little more interesting. We've got you covered with some great smart kitchen gadgets that will put the fun back into your cooking.

Smart kitchen gear that will transform your home cooking
Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker In Use

At this point, you might be into a month of COVID-19 lockdown. You’re holding steady and taking it in stride. But the cooking might be getting to you. When you prepare three meals a day, every day, it can take a toll on your creativity. Before you know it, you’re eating sandwiches and granola bars for dinner. But there are ways you can rekindle your interest in cooking and ensure that you can make some wholesome, tasty meals as long as this pandemic lasts. Smart kitchen gear that makes it easier to cook exciting meals could help.

There are so many smart kitchen appliances out there these days, but we wanted to focus on ones that will truly elevate your cooking. These are gadgets that will help you cook meals you’ll look forward to sitting down to each day. So even if your favorite coffee shop or restaurant is closed, you can still eat well at home without spending an entire day cooking or cleaning up after it.

Start your day with a good breakfast

Gourmia GBF370 Complete Breakfast Station

Start your day off like a champ with the Gourmia GBF370 Complete Breakfast Station. This single device includes everything you need to make a complete breakfast: toaster, egg poacher and cooker, and a spot to steam vegetables or grill meat. Best of all, you’ll only have one thing to clean, so it’ll always be easy to have a proper breakfast. Also, the toaster has wide slots, so it’s even suitable for bagels. Finally, it will even let you boil up to ten eggs at one time.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-19B Pour Over Coffee Maker

Do you miss your favorite corner coffee shop? Recreate your afternoon coffee hour at home with the Mr. Coffee BVMC-PO19B Pour Over Coffee Maker. This coffee maker gives you step-by-step directions for how to make the perfect cup. The all-in-one coffee maker screen lights up to guide you through the ideal coffee to water ratio and the right water temperature. The pour-over device has a built-in scale that automatically weighs your coffee and water to give you the proper home-brewed coffee. It’s a great way to have a pleasant coffee hour at home.

Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker

Is tea more your thing? If you love freshly brewed matcha but hate all the steps it takes to make it the traditional way, the Cuzen Matcha Home Tea Maker is your answer. This machine quickly brews and froths matcha tea leaves into perfectly portioned cups just like an espresso maker. At the push of a button, you’ve got a perfect cup of matcha. This cold brew matcha preserves the leaves’ rich umami flavor, but you can add steamed milk for a tea latte or sparkling water for a spritzer. It just got easier to enjoy a good cup of matcha.

Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer

If you love fresh juice in the morning, you’ll love the Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer. It’s a traditional juicer that will make a statement on your kitchen counter with its vintage look. It also is quite large at 24 inches tall, so it’s a kitchen gadget that will add to your decor. Operation wise, this manual juicer is best for large fruits like oranges and grapefruits. It ensures that you get every drop of juice possible. Place your glass or measuring cup beneath the juicer and pull down on the lever to squish your fruit. You’ll have fresh, vitamin-packed juice in an instant.

Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer

Verve Culture Artisan Manual Citrus Juicer Design

Treat yourself to a nice lunch

Phillips Smoke-less Grill with Rotisserie Attachment Indoor BBQ

Take a proper lunch break with the Phillips Smoke-less Grill with Rotisserie Attachment Indoor BBQ. This indoor BBQ lets you have a smokeless indoor grilling experience. Because wouldn’t you grill more inside if there was less smoke? The Smoke-less Grill used advanced infrared heating technology to produce up to 80% less smoke than a traditional grill. The patented design ensures that each side of your food is thoroughly cooked and that there’s less oil splattering. This indoor BBQ has detachable parts that are dishwasher safe, letting you enjoy a full lunch with easy cleanup. Finally, this gadget is ideal for small kitchens, homes without outdoor access, or as a portable BBQ.

FinaMill Electric Spice Grinder

Top your grilled lunch off with freshly ground spices for great depth of flavor. The FinaMill Electric Spice Grindermakes this easier than ever.  A battery-operated spice grinder, the FinaMill lets you grind more than just salt and pepper. Using interchangeable pods, you can swap the FinaPods out with just one hand. Feel free to switch them around as often as you wish and keep as many freshly ground spices in your pantry as you need. The pods even store your spices to keep them fresh. Best of all, the grinder will never mix your seasonings, so the taste of your food is always what you want it to be. You won’t have cayenne in your cinnamon. Just select, click, grind, and sprinkle over your food to elevate your cooking.

Philips Air Fryer XXL Fat-Reducing Air Fryer

If you love fried foods but want to be healthier while you’re stuck inside, you’ll want to check out the Philips Air Fryer XXL Fat-Reducing Air Fryer. By frying your food with hot air, this smart kitchen gadget doesn’t require oil. While you can add cooking oil if you prefer, this kitchen gadget will still use its fat-removal technique. The Airfryer XXL gives your food a crispy, fried texture without the added fat. In addition to the health benefits, this air fryer just makes life easier. You won’t have to stir the french fries in the pan continuously. And you won’t have to wait until every piece is fried to serve. This way, everyone can enjoy great fried food without the mess and guilt. 

Cook a gourmet dinner at home

MeatStick True & Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer

Do you love going out for a steak dinner? With the MeatStick True & Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer, you can grill, roast, or broil any cut of meat you’re used to having at a restaurant. It’s a smart wireless thermometer that will monitor your meat’s temperature while you’re taking that last client call for the evening or tackling some chores. Able to withstand temperatures up to 572º F—300° C, this kitchen gadget lets you cook pretty much anywhere. When you connect the iOS and Android app, you’ll get recipes, cloud connectivity, and data logs. It’s also wireless, cutting down on kitchen drawer clutter.

Whirlpool Yummly Smart Thermometer

Another piece of smart kitchen gear that can ensure perfectly cooked meat is the Whirlpool Yummly Smart Thermometer. Another wire-free thermometer, this one uses sensors to monitor your meat and alerts you via the app on your phone when your food reaches the perfect temperature. The device comes with sensors and a dock that has a 150 range from the oven. So you can totally be in the other room while that roast is cooking.

Whirlpool Yummly Smart Thermometer

Whirlpool Yummly Smart Thermometer in Use

Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm

The WHO recommends people eat at least 400g of vegetables each day to keep their immune systems healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. A tasty, unique way to do this is to grow your salad greens in zero gravity with the Rotofarm Architectural Soil-Free Circular Farm. This striking, futuristic garden features 1.5 meters of growing space. It also rotates a full 360° per hour. From lettuce to mint to chives and everything in between, Rotofarm makes it easy to be healthier every day.

Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grill

While you won’t be able to frequent your favorite barbeque joint for some time, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy epic grilled meats in your backyard. With warmer weather on its way, you’ll want to consider the Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grill. Fill the smart grill’s hopper with wood pellets to help it preheat quickly. Once loaded, the pellets in these Weber Smokefire grills fall directly into the fire, which distributes even heat through the Weber Flavorizer bars. Additionally, its LCD screen displays the cooking temperature, which ranges from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, you can be sure your BBQ is fully preheated to the right temperature for whatever you’re cooking up.

Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grill

Weber SmokeFire Series Smart Pellet Grill in Black

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device

One way to recreate the results of restaurant cooking is to use professional-grade cooking products. The Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device is one such gadget. With 1200 watts of power, this precision cooker is the strongest from Anova yet. It has a flow rate of 12 liters per minute to slow-cook lamb, pork, eggs, and vegetables to perfection. With its power and capacity, this sous vide device can precisely heat 100 liters of water. Also, you don’t have to worry about this gadget’s durability. Made of stainless steel and metal, the Anova Pro Sous Vide device can be submerged in water for half an hour. Even if it’s a meter deep, it’ll be fine.

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device

Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Device in Use

No matter where you are during this pandemic, healthy, satisfying food is essential. This smart kitchen gear can make it easier for you to cook creative, healthy meals that you’ll look forward to sitting down to.

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