Fogo Combines Essential Camping Tools Into One Gadget

Fogo Combines Essential Camping Tools Into One Gadget

Camping is great for unwinding and having fun. In order to ensure your trip is productive, safe and memorable, it is essential to have a wide range of emergency tools and gadgets.

Instead of carrying around a heavy bag of safety devices during the whole trip, try picking up the Fogo for your next adventure.

Keeping you Safe Outdoors 24/7

The Fogo is a camping device that can make your outdoor trips easier and safer to manage. At the core, the gadget includes multiple messaging features for immediate assistance and coordination. Tracking is also available using location-powered components and sensitive sensors.

Fogo with SmartCap add-on

Fogo Adventure Gadget Features


  • GPS Receiver
  • Flashlight
  • USB Backup Battery
  • App Based OS
  • Bluetooth LE (aka Bluetooth Smart)
  • Motion Tracker/Pedometer (Accelerometer)
  • Backlit LCD Screen
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Digital Compass (Magnetometer)
  • Bicycle Computer (Speed, Elevation, Odometer, Bluetooth Sensors)
  • Rechargeable, Field-Replaceable Batteries
  • SmartCap Interface (USB/UART/5V Power)
  • Clock/Calendar/Alarm
  • 128MB built-in Flash storage


Automatically Adjust to your Surroundings

Having any gadget on all day or night can quickly drain its power, making it useless when disaster strikes. To avoid such risks when using the Fogo, individuals can take advantage of automatic settings that closely monitors power consumption. As result, the camping tool converts into a reliable emergency beacon in dire situations.

Fogo camping tool stand-alone

Perfect for Bike Riders

When mounted on a bicycle, the Fogo acts as a mini-computer. The gadget is compatible with Garmin and GoPro systems (separately). There are also crash detection features that recognize sudden collisions. A message is automatically sent to your friends if you do not respond to the alert.

Extendable Smart Features

The Fogo’s USB port includes integration with other third-party devices. The SmartCap interface offers a digital walkie-talkie using voice and text. Future digital mash ups are also on the way, such as an Avalanche Beacon SmartCap and a Laser Range Finder SmartCap.

Fogo in live environment

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