G-RO Luggage Makes It Easy to Stay Organized on the Go

G-RO Luggage Makes It Easy to Stay Organized on the Go

When your travel ambitions stretch to one vacation each year, any old suitcase will do. But some people board an aircraft multiple times each month. When you’re crossing continents for business or exploration, luggage becomes pretty important. The G-RO companion bags aim to be your home away from home — or at least your mobile wardrobe. This stylish luggage series is strong enough to endure the hold, and smart enough to keep you connected. The bags also offer neat storage options, helping you stay organized.

– Four bags to choose from, from lightweight backpack to check-in luggage

– Stylish designs with dedicated laptop pockets and polycarbonate protection

– Wheels on the larger bags can cross rough terrain

How to Stay Organized

Whether you’re setting off for weeks or just staying overnight, the fundamentals of luggage should stay the same. You need space, and plenty of it. You also need compartments to keep things separated, particularly for your digital devices.

Furthermore, your bags should look the part, yet be tough enough to endure the work of baggage handlers. The G-RO series meets and exceeds all of these criteria, thanks to a raft of clever design choices.

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Luggage Options

For trips lasting longer than one day, the G-RO range offers two luggage options.

The Office bag is the smaller of the two. It measures just 16 inches tall, with a durable polycarbonate shell. The narrow design allows the bag to pass between the seats on airplanes. Meanwhile, the all-terrain wheels will happily roll across surfaces rougher than asphalt.

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Inside, a padded pocket keeps your laptop safe, while the main compartment can store a change of clothes. You also get wheels, a sturdy telescopic handle, and side pockets for your water bottle and umbrella.

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In contrast, the Check-In suitcase has a capacity of 86 liters, expanding to 97 liters. This monstrous bag can easily hold all your clothes, with compression straps to maximize the space. Shoes can be stored in the dedicated exterior pockets, and there are multiple carry handles.

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Both bags come with an integrated name tag and a Tile Bluetooth Tracker. In addition, you can upgrade the outer material of either bag from ballistic nylon to Stingrey polyblend or carbon fiber.

Traveling Light

Of course, these wheeled bags are only good until you reach your destination. Then, the G-RO backpacks take center stage.

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The Solo is incredibly slim, but it has a padded laptop pocket and room for your valuables. The wide-mouth pocket deters thieves, and the supplied Tile tracker helps you keep tabs on the backpack.

You can store considerably more in the larger Duo backpack, although even this bag is relatively light. Along with dual 180° openings and an easy-access laptop sleeve, the Duo has a built-in USB charging port.

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Are these bags revolutionary? Not really — but they are beautifully designed and seemingly made to last.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we first launched G-RO on Kickstarter. Because of the awesome community and backers like you, we are to this day the most successful crowdfunded luggage campaign ever.”

“Since then, we’ve been hard at work doing what we do best — reimagining not only how you travel, but also work and play! We decided to launch our four exciting new products where it all started.” — G-RO on Kickstarter

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What We ❤

These stylish bags seem to match the needs of travelers, rather than playing for marketing points.

Future Designs

It would be nice if the wheeled cases were supplied with some extra internal compartments.


– Kickstarter: Until November 17th

– Pledge: $109 USD

– Delivery: June 2018

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