How to Get More Crowdfunding Backers With Social Media Marketing

How to Get More Crowdfunding Backers With Social Media Marketing

Kickstarter has over 11,000,000 backers to date. When it comes down to your campaign, you often wonder why you aren’t getting the attention of at least a handful of them. You see, one of the biggest misconceptions in crowdfunding is the fact that your campaign alone will bring you backers. However, every product out there requires proper marketing and your crowdfunding campaign isn’t an exception. Marketing can be done in a variety of ways which we have discussed in other posts but today’s focus shall be on social media.

Now, you might wonder why we need to consider this form of marketing at all and my answer to this would be the rising number of social media users by 176 million since last year. You may be surprised to know every 12 new active mobile social media users are added every second around the world. That just makes this whole domain a lucrative option where you to grab your future backers. That is, only if you market your product in the right way!

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Let’s have a look at ten social media channels you must consider using during the span of your crowdfunding campaign.


1. It is the master of microblogging and probably the best place to find and communicate with potential backers online.

2. Make sure your profile has a proper profile image and background image highlighting your product. You can use Canva to create them if necessary.

3. Your profile bio should highlight your product in a single line with a link directing to your campaign page or landing page if your campaign isn’t yet live.

4. Use Buffer or Hootsuite to maintain a proper schedule of posts going live on your profile on a daily basis.

5. Reply to every valid comment you get on Twitter. You can use emojis to make the interaction more fun and exciting.

6. Platforms like Krowdster give you a valuable backer directory you can refer to and contact directly via Twitter. Go for it if possible!

7. Hunt for the conversations under popular crowdfunding-related hashtags and participate in any discussions if available. Make Twitter a communication platform for your crowdfunding campaign.


1. This is more of an ad-centric promotion platform so make sure your posts have good media to back them up.

2. Use product images or create an instant video of your workshop and post it on your fan page.

How to Get More Crowdfunding Backers With Social Media Marketing?

3. You could also post pictures of any events you attend, prototypes of your product, press mentions, and anything else your backers may find interesting and relevant.

4. Make the page a highlight of your brand rather than your product alone.

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1. Your Pinterest profile need not just highlight your product, but anything you think would work best for your brand.

2. Try creating fun boards on interesting topics and be a dedicated user of your profile every day.

3. Pinterest is all about visual marketing so make the most out of it and grab more followers who can be the next backers for your campaign.


1. This is where you can play with your product images. Try taking photos of your product from various angles to showcase it in its best form.

2. You can show pictures of your workshop, prototypes, or even do a quick live video on the product in the making if possible.

3. Try to connect to your followers (backers, in this case) by portraying the face behind your product. The more they connect to that face, the easier it becomes for them to connect to your product as well.


1. If you find writing a blog a tedious process, skip those long entries and go for Tumblr instead.

2. This platform makes blogging fun and super easy. From a short paragraph on your product to insights in the field of innovation you’re trying to explore, you can pen down your thoughts easily and grab the attention of more backers.


1. I wouldn’t say that this is a direct channel of marketing for your product, but it can be a form of indirect marketing for you.

2. Simply create your magazine based on the topic you are about to explore with your product and tell the world how deep your research on this industry is.

3. Don’t forget to “Flip” your product page or blogs within the magazine too.


1. Communicating with your backers wouldn’t be much of a problem if you have a TV channel dedicated for yourself. That’s what Periscope does for you.

2. Set up a proper time and do some prior marketing on your other social channels to get the most out of this app. And, go for a Periscope as much as possible. Communicating with your backers and responding to their queries in real-time will get you more attention.


1. One of the best platforms for real-time sharing of memories.

2. You can use SnapChat to promote your product by doing real-time shares every day. Show the fun side of work by adding emojis and fun tags!

How to Get More Crowdfunding Backers With Social Media Marketing?


1. Make sure your campaign video is concise, crisp, and attractive. Share it on YouTube and start creating your video feed of the product as and where applicable.

2. You need to share your YouTube videos across other social channels to for maximum exposure.


1. One significant activity every crowdfunding campaign creator must consider is the participation on online forums.

2. Participate in discussions related to crowdfunding, share your views, raise any queries if applicable and show your interest in crowdfunding.

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With that said, I would now like to have your views on social media in the world of crowdfunding. How important is it to you?

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