The coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week include EEG brainwave headphones, flame-powered dragons, and more

Here at Gadget Flow, we love crowdfunding campaigns. From first-time inventors to established brands, these campaigns move technology forward with their great ideas. We find them so inspiring. And, for that reason, we're highlighting some of the coolest crowdfunding campaigns we've seen this week.

The coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week include EEG brainwave headphones, flame-powered dragons, and more
Coolest crowdfunding campaigns, curated by Gadget Flow

Whether you’re an investor hunting for the next top gadget, an entrepreneur looking to learn, or just an intrigued consumer, there are a ton of great crowdfunding campaigns out there. And many of them just launched. This roundup of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week covers them all.

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From a weighted hula hoop that strengthens your core to an eco-friendly air purifier that uses space station technology, the gadgets on this list are items anyone would love to own because they’re just so, well, cool. Check them out for yourself below.

1. This pair of EEG brainwave headphones helps any work-from-homer work smarter, not harder.

Enten smart headphones on a book

The Enten smart headphones have EEG brainwave sensors that measure your focus and suggest fixes to avoid burnout. They let you see when and where you focus best and show you how your music impacts your attention. They also recommend playlists and automatically mute notifications based on your attention level.

These smart headphones usually cost $399. You can preorder them on Indiegogo for $199.

2. This high-tech composter is for if you love the environment but want to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Lomi high-tech composter video

The Lomi high-tech composter helps you avoid stinky garbage smells and throwing your food in a landfill. It uses heat, abrasion, and oxygen to turn your food waste into nutrient-rich compost. And it’s super easy to use: just fill it with leftover food and push the button. This is one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week because it creates new soil for your garden and house plants.

You can preorder this composter for $379 on Indiegogo.

3. Get a weighted hula hoop if you hate core workouts. With its fit-to-size design, it can work 30 different core muscles at once.

If you find core workouts excruciating, have a look at the Motus Orbit+ revolutionized hula hoop. This gadget takes your old hula hoop to a whole new level. It’s weighted and works 30 different core muscles. With a fit-to-size design, it stays put around your waist while the weight swings around the track.

This weighted hula hoop typically costs $164, but you can preorder it on Kickstarter for $95.

4. These flame-powered dragons are for the fantasy fans waiting for House of the Dragon.

The Campfire Flyers flame-powered dragons soar over a handcrafted fire pit that looks like a Medieval castle. How does it work? The fire’s rising heat creates an updraft that pushes the dragons using thermal currents. Made of galvanized steel that reflects light and resists corrosion, these dragons are one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week.

These flame-powered dragons typically cost $625. You can currently preorder them for $445 on Kickstarter.

5. A reusable notebook is one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week for tactile learners who love to handwrite notes.

Rocketbook Axis reusable notebook video

An upgraded version of a successful campaign, the Rocketbook Axis reusable notebook is modular. It has packs of pages you can choose from, including lined, dot grid, blank, monthly planner, and more. Best of all, the app scans your notes and sends them to any cloud destination.

Pledges for this reusable notebook start at $60 on Kickstarter.

6. A modular camera bag line is designed for photographers who also like to carry their everyday gear.

The coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week NOMATIC and Pete McKinnon everyday camera bags
NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Everyday Camera Line

The NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Everyday Camera Line consists of three new bags as a smaller, more compact line of everyday camera bags. They include the 25L Camera Backpack, an 8L Camera Sling, and the Camera Tech Organizer. The bags are based on the removable camera cube concept and give users unlimited possibilities for traveling with a camera.

Pledges for this camera bag line start at $59 on Kickstarter.

7. This home manicure machine makes you look like you’ve just been to the nail parlor.

The Nimble at-home nail painter is one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week because it paints and dries your nails. All you have to do is press the button, and, in just 10 minutes per hand, you’ll have perfectly dried manicured nails. That’s faster than going to the salon.

This at-home nail painter typically costs $399. You can currently preorder it on Kickstarter for $249.

8. This brain-strengthening game is one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week that relieves tension.

The Torshn Puzzle unique combination game is a great way to stimulate your brain. Featuring solid aluminum, this palm-sized puzzle is fun to play with and looks beautiful on your desk. With 739,000 combinations and just 6 solutions, it’s quite a challenge.

This puzzle game typically costs $60. You can currently preorder it on Kickstarter for $39.

9. This super-fast external SSD speeds up your transfer speeds to incredible levels.

The GigaDrive super-fast external SSD boasts speeds up to 2,800 MB/s. Backing up the data from your laptops, PCs, smartphones, cameras, and more will take mere seconds. With its rugged design, this gadget withstands drops up to 10 feet, making it one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week.

You can preorder this fast SSD for $153 on Indiegogo.

10. This coffee brewing straw is one of the coolest crowdfunding gadgets of the week because it lets you brew your caffeine fix on the go.

The JoGo coffee brewing straw gives you French-press-style coffee quickly and wherever you are. Just add ground coffee to a mug, pour in hot water, stir with the straw, and sip. It’s a no-waste solution to enjoying your favorite drink every day.

This coffee brewing straw typically costs $30. You can currently preorder it for $20 on Kickstarter.

Did any of these cool new crowdfunding gadgets inspire you? For our part, we’re quite partial to that coffee brewing straw. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

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