Get Your Grill On Rain or Shine with GoSun

Get Your Grill On Rain or Shine with GoSun

Ah, it’s that time of year. It’s the heart of summer and the smell of tasty BBQs is everywhere. For some reason, we have some fascination with cooking and eating outside just to get our vitamin D fix and down a few cold ones. The problem for some of us (okay, all of us in the UK) is that we purchase everything to cook and are usually caught out by the rain. Luckily, GoSun Grill allows you to cook rain or shine using state of the art solar technology.

GoSun Grill works ingeniously with the sun for clean, fuel-free cooking. The heat gets trapped inside the capsule which means you get evenly cooked food without having to monitor it constantly. With GoSun Grill you can bake, boil, fry, roast, and even steam food for up to eight people.

This solar grill is possibly the easiest to use, especially for those that are BBQ illiterate (cough, me…). First, you open the parabolic reflectors which begin capture the heat of the sun. Next, you slide out the aluminum tray and drop in your pans of food. After sliding the tray back in, the capsule is vacuum sealed to provide the perfect high-moisture cooking environment. Due to a stretch goal on their crowdfunding campaign, the team have also added a dial that tracks the sun to properly rotate the grill to better cook your food. And, because you’re not using a fuel, there is no harmful smoke or soot.

GoSun Grill on the go

There are quite a few neat features tucked into the GoSun Grill. Firstly, the designers have implanted an easy-to-read temperature gauge right by the handle for easy access. Additionally, the vacuum seal allows all the trapped heat to be evenly spread over the food. Also, the stainless steel casing and insulation allows the most intense heat on the inside while remaining cool to the touch on the outside, which is great for those with curious kids or pets.

The coolest part of the GoSun Grill is, by far, the battery. Using a phase-changing material (in this case, wax), the battery is charged by the sun and reserves the heat for a later cooking time (i.e. when it’s raining or at night). The total time to charge the battery, or melt the wax, is two hours. The battery will retain a temperature of 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooking. You’re able to cook for five to eight people for up to two hours. After the two hours, the wax returns to a solid to be charged again. The wax that they’ve chosen to use is able to be melted over and over again for years and it has about ten times more energy than using a piece of heated steel.

The GoSun Grill seems ideal for anyone that likes to eat. At just 20 pounds (9 kg) for the grill, while the battery is 4 pounds (1.8 kg), it can be stored and moved anywhere. The two pans, which come included with drip trays, can hold up to 2.4 litres each while the oven can contain about 7.3 litres. The maximum temperature for GoSun Grill is 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The GoSun Grill is available for pre-order with all the bells and whistles shipping later this year. You can purchase just the grill and battery or the grill with the cover and stand for $449 (~ £288) or the grill with all the accessories for $549 (~ £350).

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