High-tech sports gear to help you reach all your fitness goals at home

Need a little push to stay on top of your exercise routine? Technology is here to help. This high-tech sports gear is loaded with convenience and intelligence to keep you on track for all your fitness goals.

High-tech sports gear to help you reach all your fitness goals at home
  • How often should I work out? This depends on a variety of factors such as your diet and your lifestyle. But, adults should get about 2.5 hours of moderate exercise per week.
  • Is cardio the only way to get in shape? It works for many people, but others find activities such as yoga to be beneficial.
  • Where can I find more sports and workout accessories? Check out our sports accessories category here.

We all know that we should exercise and be more active in order to stay healthy. That’s easier said than done. Schlepping to the gym to wait for machines doesn’t cut it when we need some motivation. Rather than shell out hundreds for a personal trainer, you could work out at home.

We know—working out at home takes perhaps even more motivation than getting to the gym. But, with the right gear, you can stay home and get in great shape. Check out this high-tech sports gear to keep you active.

Hydrow Rower Connected Rowing Machine

We all know how beneficial the rowing machine is, by the Hydrow Rower takes it to all-new levels. This connected machine offers a video feed to keep you motivated to reach your goals. Plus, you can choose settings such as a serene river or tune into a studio session for a full-body workout.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect Smart Connected Kettlebell

Thanks to a bullet stacking system, the JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect can change its weight in a matter of seconds. Plus, it features a six-axis motion sensor to track your movements which automatically populates the app so you can track your progress.

Tonal Intelligent Fitness System

Installing on your wall, Tonal uses machine learning to provide you with highly personalized workouts. This includes an interactive video exercise library and digital weights. Simply set your fitness goals and let the intelligent system do the rest.

Treadly Ultra-Thin Compact Treadmill

Limited on space? Treadly measures just 3.5 inches thick and folds down for storage just about anywhere. Despite its small size, this treadmill can handle your runs with ease. When the handle is down, it reaches 3.8mph. When the handle is up, you can go as fast as 5mph. It’s great for adding in a bit of extra cardio to your workout routine.

ElectroFit Wearable Smart Fitness Device

ElectroFit is a great way to supplement your workouts. This smart wearable pairs with an app and adheres to your legs, abs, and arms for more muscle work. It targets key muscle groups, providing a faster and smarter way to achieve the results you want. It’s impressively discrete so you can even do the exercises while you work.

Peloton Tread Smart Indoor Exercise Machine

You’ve probably seen the ads for Peloton just about everywhere, and the feedback from users has been amazing. This state-of-the-art exercise machine has all the bells and whistles (including the price tag). It comes with a 32-inch HD touchscreen display, access to classes, and even live feedback while you’re running.

ANTELOPE.SUIT Muscle Activating Smartsuit

Unlike any workout gear you’ve seen, the ANTELOPE.SUIT works to further stimulate your muscles as you exercise. In fact, the built-in electrodes target eight different muscle groups at once, creating a true all-over workout. It also pairs with an app to maximize your workouts.

WalkingPad Foldable Exercise Device

Great for those who love to walk, the WalkingPad is clever, slim, and practical for any home. It measures just 2.24 inches thick so you can store it pretty much anywhere. Pairing with an app, it tracks your distance, calories, steps, and time all in one place for easy tracking.

BeWellConnect MyTens Electric Muscle Stimulator

Using technology isn’t just for staying in shape; it’s for recovery, too. MyTens is a drug-free method that eases your muscles after intense activity. It pairs with an app to guide you through user programs and body zones so you can recover faster.

Which one of these high-tech sports systems would you incorporate into your life? Let us know in the comments!

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