Hydro Hammock: Portable Hot Tub for Camping and the Great Outdoors

Hydro Hammock: Portable Hot Tub for Camping and the Great Outdoors

Hot tubs are not convenient. The only way to bring one with you while camping is to drag it behind your car with a power source. To replicate the same experience, the Hydro Hammock offers a new way to enjoy a hot tub in places you’d never thought you could.

hydro hammock over water

Portable and Light

The Hydro Hammock is a portable hot tub. It has a very sturdy design, made out of waterproof tensile fabric with double-walled insulation. There are two options for buyers, a single layer and a double layer, which allows you to place heating accessories or extra padding in between the fabric.

Two people can fit comfortably inside the makeshift cocoon. Traditionally, setting up the hammock requires you to find two trees as a base. Once you’re ready, simply jump in and start relaxing!

“Stretched out, relaxed to the core, either swinging in the summers breeze between trees, dug into the sand on the beach, or cozy in a steam bath and my favorite essential oils, surrounded by snowy peaks! A truly fantastic experience,” said Lisa Robertson from the Hydro Hammock Team when asked about her thoughts on the portable hot tub.

hydro hammock on balcony

The Hydro Water Pump

The Hydro Hammock comes with an optional water pump that lets you to push water from a nearby source into your portable hot tub. This is useful if you plan on using the water nest at a camping site with a lake. The heater machine is perfect for individuals who plan on using the hammock in cold, outdoor conditions.

For future releases, the company will include solar power and battery charging capabilities (it currently runs on gas, which is not ideal for some users). There are USB ports on the machine that you can use to charge your digital devices.

Each purchase comes with the hammock, easy-to-install straps and carabiners.

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