Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Turns Your Office Desk Into a Small Aquatic Farm

Jellyfish Cylinder Nano Turns Your Office Desk Into a Small Aquatic Farm

Love jellyfish? The latest craze in aquatic farming technology is the Jellyfish Cylinder Nano. It’s basically a kit that turns users into master keepers of mysterious jellyfish. If you’ve ever wanted to own one of these creatures, but have no idea where to start, this DIY kit is for you.

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Jellyfish Lava Lamp

The kit consists of everything you need to sustain a few jellyfish in a small tank. The vessel is small, but the sea animals are well accounted for. They don’t have a central nervous system, which means they don’t actually know that they’re in a tank. Also, the calm water prevents the jellyfish from getting sucked into the filtration unit, which means they wouldn’t last long in a regular aquarium.

“A special laminar water flow pattern mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish, which is something that can’t be achieved in regular fish tanks. The device contains a hidden compartment that makes it simple to operate and keep clean,” said Bobby Einstein from Hi Consumption.

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Light Up Your Work Desk

The cylinder tank comes with several features that adds to the awe and wonder of the gadget. You can change the LED lights inside the unit according to your mood or personal preference (using a remote control that comes with the kit). To keep the jellyfish thriving, a support system keeps the tank cool.

It’s important to consider that you can only hold three jellyfish inside the two-gallon container. Any more and you could risk overcrowding the setup, which wouldn’t be a great environment for the creatures. Oh, and the actual shipping of jellyfish is limited to US-based orders. This is due to federal restrictions related to exporting live animals. If you’re outside the US, it should still be worth getting the kit and picking up a few jellyfish from your local aquatic shop.

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