The Key Caddy Saves You From Bulky Pockets and Key Clutter With a Swiss Army Knife Like Key Organizer

The Key Caddy Saves You From Bulky Pockets and Key Clutter With a Swiss Army Knife Like Key Organizer

Mankind may have had a dramatic advancement in every sector of life but when it comes to carrying keys, we still stay disorganized and often have our pockets ripped by keys. Key rings did help in keeping all our keys together ever since G Herluf Johnson introduced the concept way back in 1922 but it’s no where close in eradicating the noise or the clutter every bunch of keys make. But you can’t deny the benefits a set of keys have in our life. From keeping your house locked to starting cars, we cannot function without our keys even for a single day. Instead, what we really need is an upgrade in key holders that will save us from the pokey and clumsy nature of keys we’ve been tormented with till date.

After undergoing a detailed survey with 1005 participants, Liquid Co. found out an eye-opening truth. A full 91% of those surveyed said they weren’t happy with their current key holders. That’s 9 out of 10 people who believe their key rings in the pocket needs to change. While their previous Kickstarter project tried to integrate keys in your wallet, the product they are launching today is a bit different. This time they’ve thought of a Swiss Army knife like key organizer which can easily fit into your pocket and works as a refreshing update in the unattended world of key holders. Introducing The Key Caddy – A key organizer that will never have your pockets ripped or make that annoying jingling noise most key holders can’t promise to solve.

The Key Caddy

Coin Pockets Put to Use

Launching today on Kickstarter, The Key Caddy is small enough to fit into your coin pocket and frees up some space in your pocket that way. It’s what you can call a key organizer done right! The Key Caddy designers have carefully considered the common flaws existing key organizers have and brought forth a solution that not only looks beautiful but is also useful as a daily necessity. It allows you to use your keys without spoiling your fingernails and also keeps you well protected from being poked in the balls by keys (the survey said 55% of men have personally faced or know someone who has been poked in the balls by their keys!).

The Key Caddy Kickstarter campaign

By default The Key Caddy can hold upto 4 keys but you can easily have extension ports for storing additional keys as well. The holder has a simple post screw facility using which you can safely place your keys inside. Once done, your keys can easily be flipped in and out like a Swiss Army Knife and thus make the process of using them super easy and convenient on a daily basis. This also means that you won’t have to take your keys out using fingernails which is actually a common case scenario with our existing key holders.

The Key Caddy organizing keys

Every Key Caddy set will give you: Top & Bottom plates, 1 set of extension posts, 3x Brass Screws, 4x Nylon Spacers and 10x Nylon Washers. You need to make sure your key hole diameters are 4mm and more in order to fit them inside the caddy.

The Key Caddy key organizer on Kickstarter

Use it More Than a Key Holder

The use of Key Caddy is not limited to being a key holder alone. You can also use it as a bottle opener which multi-functions with a screwdriver head, USB drive holder and a car key holder too. The caddy has been made out of Aluminum grade 7075 with hard anodizing to retain the sturdiness much required for such key holders.

The Key Caddy bottle opener

You can choose to get your key holder in Arctic White, Gunmetal Grey, Liquid Black and Champagne Gold colors. The Kickstarter project is live from today, pledging on which you can get your Key Caddy for $27 (first 200 early birds) and then for $37. Let the violence our pockets face due to cluttered keys be eradicated forever. Happy Gadgeting!

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