KeySmart™ Pocket Key Organizers Substitute Your Bulky, Noisy Key Holders With A Sleek and Compact One

KeySmart™ Pocket Key Organizers Substitute Your Bulky, Noisy Key Holders With A Sleek and Compact One

Ever since the time your keys took over that gigantic space in your pocket, it has been difficult to fill that compartment with any other necessity. No matter how cool or sophisticated your key holder looks, it’s hardly been able to get rid of that noisy jingle of key clutter you get to hear every single day. They not only take up space in your pocket but also look highly dissatisfying from the outside especially if you’re wearing one of those chic, tight-fitted jeans. It’s a pain we are going through every moment because keys are indeed something we can’t avoid carrying. Though the ring holder keychains can often let you carry other important accessories such as multi-tool kits, they are the source of the cacophony a multitude of keyrings make together.

What you need is something more sturdy and compact which will keep your keys in place but not look messy or too cluttered while doing so. Having had a tremendous success on Kickstarter last year, KeySmart™ is one such solution which aims to reimagine the bulky key organizers with a device that can be easily accommodated into your everyday fashion statement without leaving your keys behind. It’s as they say, “A minimalist keyring with maximum strength”.

KeySmart keyring

Fancy Key Holder Without the Jingle

Inspired from the Swiss army style, this handmade keyrings from USA are a compact solution that offers a versatile range of accessories to make your pocket key organization easy and most importantly, bulge free. They come with a unique “S” design which can hold 4 keys at a time that takes half the space than an ordinary keyring. It can accommodate practically any key you find at your nearest hardware store which can be packed together following a simple process – Use a coin to turn the post, add your keys or change them if required and then simply re-tighten. Your fancy looking key holder will be ready to slip smartly in your pocket and never pose that uncomfortable thigh poke you’ve had to bear all these years. KeySmart™ is indeed one of the smartest tools to make good use of whenever you need to stack all your keys at one place which doesn’t look awkward from any angle.

KeySmart organizers with USB drives

The best aspect of KeySmart™ is that it can be customized depending on your needs which means you can add USB drives and barcode cards, RFID chips, garage openers and also attach remote car keys using the attachable loop. For industrial users especially the maintenance workers who need to move around with literally a 100 keys at a time, there’s the expandable version which can hold upto 100 keys at a time (yes, you heard that right!). The good news is that even after holding 100 keys, it doesn’t look anything near to a key mountain or heap which would have been the normal scene with your standard key holders. This keyring is sturdy, is noise free and doesn’t show you the jagged teeth from your keys – A chic and stylish accessory you couldn’t have imagined having from the world of key holders.

Can Fit A 100 Keys Together

Now, the KeySmart™ is available in a number of versions out of which the basic version can hold upto 4 keys at a time which can be expanded to an additional 5 key pack if wanted. Out of this, 2 slots can be used for stacking USBs and one slot for a loop ring, if required. You’ll get them in 7 attractive colors, out of which one is the Titanium version that has been made from a Titanium frame cut, polished, and assembled by local machinists. The Extended version has been made to hold keys 67 mm long comfortably. It’s similar to the basic frame, only longer in size. The industrial version is for a tradesman as it can hold upto a keys at a time. For the USB version, one of the slots come with a built in, but removable, 16GB USB 2.0 drive. But what’s really cool are the AirKeys™ high strength and ultra-lightweight key blanks available in 11 bright colors. A good way to personalize your keys that will make them look vibrant and classy as well.

KeySmart pocket key organizers

If you love out-of-the-box products that look gorgeous and are super functional in terms of usability, KeySmart™ is the next choice you must have in your purchase list. A key holder that eradicates the unwanted bulkiness from your pockets with an ultra slim design resembling a gum base. Happy Gadgeting!

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