KOSMOS is the award-winning pen your hand deserves

KOSMOS is the award-winning pen your hand deserves

As many Bluetooth keyboards and compact computers we see, nothing beats putting pen to paper to bring your ideas to life. The almighty pen as no limitations; you can write on anything from high-quality cardstock to a napkin or even your skin. This single everyday item has become a total necessity. However, few of us grant ourselves the luxury of using a pen worthy of our ideas and work. Enter the KOSMOS Pen by stilform. This award-winning pen:
– achieves a minimalist design
– offers a totally balanced weight
– delivers a smooth and even flow of ink

The Award-Winning Pen

Sleek, stylish, and a delight to use – there’s a reason the KOSMOS Pen was the recipient of the Red Dot Award Best of the Best. At first glance, the pen is almost futuristic with its seamless exterior. In fact, the pen is based on the Golden Ratio – a universal pattern found throughout nature. With this, the KOSMOS Pen is ergonomic and comfortable for balanced, all-day writing. In addition to its wonderful design, the pen is highly durable and robust.

KOSMOS is the award-winning pen your hand deserves

Perfectly Balanced

Coming in four colors, it also instantly matches the devices already on your desk. This is due to the fact that the components of the KOSMOS Pen are lathed from a single block of aluminum alloy. This is the same material used in aerospace engineering. While aluminum is a lightweight material, it certainly outshines the traditional plastic for a pen. The aluminum actually gives the pen a balanced weight to make your writing effortless and flowing. Additionally, inside the KOSMOS Pen is a powerful neodymium magnet. With a single hand, you can reveal the tip of the pen while keeping the cap safe and secure.

KOSMOS is the award-winning pen your hand deserves

A Mark of Luxury

Inside each KOSMOS Pen is a premium black cartridge complete with German ink. Flowing from the size M Swiss tungsten tip, the KOSMOS Pen writes smoothly with every stroke. In addition, it is compatible with all G2 standard refills.

KOSMOS is the award-winning pen your hand deserves

What We Love

What’s not to love?! Your hand and paper deserve the best.

Future Innovations

This pen very literally ticks all the boxes. We don’t know how it could possibly improve!

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– Price: $50
– Colors: Comet Grey, Rose Moon, Star Silver, Galaxy Gold

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