Soundpeats review: a hands-on look at the Air4 earbuds & RunFree open-ear sport headphones

I tested out two of the newest releases from Soundpeats. Here's my take on the RunFree open-ear sport headphones and Air4 aptX lossless wireless earbuds.

Soundpeats review: a hands-on look at the Air4 earbuds & RunFree open-ear sport headphones
A woman (not me!) wearing the Soundpeats RunFree

One of the perks of working at Gadget Flow is getting my hands on newly released tech. That way, I can share my unbiased take on it with you. The newest gadgets I’m here to tell you about are from Soundpeats. For this Soundpeats review, I had the chance to test out the Air4 earbuds and RunFree open-ear headphones.

With a design reminiscent of the original AirPods, the Soundpeats Air4 are a much more affordable option. Then, there’s the RunFree, which use air conduction technology and won a 2023 Red Dot Design Award.

If you’re in the market for new earbuds or upgraded headphones for running, keep reading for my full review.

Soundpeats review: Air4 aptX lossless audio wireless earbuds

Before I dive into my opinion on the Air4, let’s take a look at the specs. They boast Snapdragon Sound with aptX Lossless. Additionally, they have a 13 mm Dynamic Driver for immersive sound.

With Adaptive ANC technology, the Air4 also have 3 noise-canceling mics, an 88 ms low-latency game mode, and a 26-hour battery life. Finally, they offer app control and stable Bluetooth 5.3 multipoint connectivity.

Soundpeats Air4 product release video

The Air4 have a standout sleek design

While these aren’t the ones that won the design award, I was pretty impressed. Upon removing them from their packaging, I loved the smooth feel of the matte black case.

The LED indicator is virtually invisible unless you open or close the case, which is fine by me. I don’t need a light on at all times, and I appreciated its pleasant glow. Plus, it’s nice that it’s right on the front—so you can see when the light changes color during Bluetooth pairing.

A woman wearing the Soundpeats Air4

They magnetically pop into the case

Okay, something that surprised me about these earbuds was that they magnetically pop in. Simply start sliding the earbud back into the case, and the case pulls it into position. It’s pretty neat!

I did think it was a bit hard to get the Air4 earbuds out, though. Maybe it’d take some time to get used to it, but I thought the case could’ve opened up just a bit further to make it easier to remove the earbuds.

The brand even sent the adorable PEATS case, which gave me comfort that I wouldn’t damage the earbud case if I dropped it. However, I felt that it made the earbuds that much harder to get out of the case.

Close up of the Air4 earbuds

My impression of the Soundpeats Air4

They draw upon the look of the original AirPods, which, to be honest, isn’t my favorite earbud style. With slightly smaller ears, I wished I could have adjusted them to be more comfortable.

These earbuds deliver when it comes to lossless music, and you’ll notice it. The Qualcomm aptX Lossless codec ensures every song sounds great. While I didn’t test out the gaming mode, I did put them to the test on calls.

Overall, this Soundpeats review is a positive one—if your ears are slightly larger than mine. I thought the touch controls made managing volume and other features smooth and user friendly. At just $89.99, they’re an affordable AirPods alternative.

Soundpeats review: RunFree Open-ear Sport Headphones

As a Red Dot Design Award 2023 winner, the RunFree headphones have a sleek look. This open-ear design uses air conduction technology. Moreover, the liquid silicone provides comfort, and they weigh only 1.09 ounces.

Impressive on the inside as well, they boast a patented λ enhanced bass algorithm. With a 3.16.2 mm dynamic driver, they offer 14 hours of playtime and a stable Bluetooth 5.3 connection.

Soundpeats RunFree video

They have a super comfortable design

It’s obvious why these headphones were a Red Dot Winner 2023. They’re incredibly sleek and lightweight. Seriously, you put them on and hardly feel like you’re wearing anything. It’s such a nice feeling to hear my music without the discomfort of something in my ear.

Additionally, I wear glasses, and these work with them just fine! I wasn’t sure if their design would be hindered by classes, but it wasn’t at all.

The liquid silicone material makes the RunFree headphones feel smooth and offers malleability. As far as the comfort part of this Soundpeats review goes, I can confirm that they fit snugly yet very comfortably.

A man wearing the RunFree while cycling

Sound quality ideal for hitting the pavement

If you work in the office—or from home, like I do—you might want something that lets you drown out the noise to focus. The RunFree doesn’t do that. However, it’s definitely ideal for your time outdoors.

I love to bike, for fun and getting from place to place. And these open-ear headphones are ideal because I can still hear people and traffic around me. It’s an interesting way to hear my music and podcasts. I can still very clearly hear every bass note and beat with total clarity while also hearing the sound of cars go by.

I took them on a walk with my kids so I could listen to my audiobook while, of course, hearing my children and surroundings. My only wish is that I had had them sooner!

RunFree headphones and accessories

My impression of the Soundpeats RunFree

These are awesome open-ear headphones if you like to spend time outside running, biking, walking, and hiking. It’s important to stay apprised of your surroundings, and they let you do just that. However, because the sound can be a little distracting, I don’t recommend them if you want to block out noise.

The buttons are easy to use, and I really liked that I could connect them to 2 of my devices simultaneously. I honestly can’t believe that they’re only $49.99.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new pair of earbuds or open-ear headphones, check out the Air4 and RunFree. I enjoyed the Air4’s audio quality, style, and battery life—but the earbud size was a bit big for smaller ears. On the other hand, the RunFree smashed it out of the park with their design and air-conduction technology.

Born with a book in her hand, genevieve has always loved reading and writing. Beyond editing to help writers hone their craft, she enjoys bicycling, cooking, and being with her family.
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