Stick To Your Goals With kSafe

Stick To Your Goals With kSafe

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of giving in to temptation. It could be the most decadent cookie or checking your phone just one last time before bed. Whatever it is, there’s a sense of guilt that we couldn’t hold out just a little longer. kSafe was designed to let you have your guilty pleasures – at a cost.

kSafe is a high tech goal-driving machine. You can turn your temptation into motivation by putting just about anything into it, setting a goal for yourself, and not getting your sweet treat until it’s reached. You could lock away candy, the TV remote, your iPad, a PS4 controller or even your credit card. The best part? There is absolutely no override – even if it runs out of batteries.


The creation of goals that have short term, concrete awards have been proven to be motivating. Having pre-commitment and reward substitution creates the perfect combination for reaching your goals. There’s something about knowing that you’ll get access to your credit cards that makes running those extra miles worth it. And, locking your items away at the beginning means you’re sure to commit to your goals.

ksafe app library

Working with both iOS and Android, the app is designed to keep you on track and motivated with reminders and encouragement and you’re able to see how much further you have to go until you can open your kSafe. There are three ways you can set goals through the app: fitness, location, or time. For instance, you can count calories and steps (via Fitbit), or have to check in at the gym or library, or simply wait a certain amount of time, up to 100 days, before cracking kSafe open.

ksafe at home

With the app, you can see your past goals and their results, increase your goal (but never decrease them), or just use kSafe as a simple safe with passcode entry. With an open API for developers, you’ll soon be able to create all sorts of goals, but remember, no overrides allowed.

ksafe white-translucent

The safe itself is minimal and simplistic to fit in anywhere. It’s available in black and white opaque along with white-translucent so you can keep an eye on your biscuits if you wish (okay, that’s just torture). The 360-degree LED ring across the top can show you how much you’ve progressed at the press of a button. The entire safe is 9.7” (24.6 cm) tall and 7.7” (19.6 cm) wide and has 5.5L of usable volume. It will work in your refrigerator but should stay out of the freezer (sorry, ice cream, we’ll just have to eat you).

ksafe goals

In good short-term reward fashion, kSafe has some incredibly interesting stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign. At $750,000 they will enable consecutive locations (such as going to the gym and then the library to study) while at $275,000 you can compete against your friends. Possibly the best stretch goal is $350,000 where your friends will be the kSafe master and must verify your goal completion before you can open it. At nearly 175% of their target already, kSafe are on track to some of their stretch goals by May 8th.

You can pre-order kSafe for $89 (£60) and will retail full price at $129 (£86). Shipping for Kickstarter backers will begin in November 2015.

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