AERROX Custom Gaming Controller Design Shop Finally Brings a Personalized Controller in Every Gamer’s Life

AERROX Custom Gaming Controller Design Shop Finally Brings a Personalized Controller in Every Gamer’s Life

Nick Johnson did quote a right thought when he said, “The further you get into technology, the further you go into gaming. That’s the general rule.” Gaming is a passion which somewhere acts as a bridge towards letting you realize the dreams of a world where you are the true hero. It’s not only about slaughtering villains and conquering kingdoms; a real gamer would know the inherent qualities that come with every popular video game out there. It could be anything from being an explorer in Assassin Creed IV or facing a fantastic adventure in Borderlands 2, hours seem to just pass by everytime you have your Playstation or XBOX controller in hand.

AERROX gaming design shop

Quite naturally this becomes an addiction most passionate gamers are going through every day with a big smile on their face. Now, what if I said there is an opportunity using which you can make your dedicated hours in gaming even more personalized? What if your controller could symbolize you or your passion?


Add Color To Your Game Like Never Before

Founded by two young entrepreneurs from Dusseldorf, AERROX is a brilliant answer to custom gaming controller designs which can reshape your existing consoles into something that looks more like yours and less generalized. They stand for your passion in gaming and gives you the freedom to nurture your controllers in the same way. This is about adding color to your game and fighting your opponents with more individuality. Undoubtedly, AERROX is one of the coolest custom gaming controller shops you might have ever come across before.

AERROX gaming controllers

AERROX introduces you to experienced designers who can redesign your controller based on your ideas. The workshop then comes into play and helps in transforming your controller more towards becoming a work of art. Minor repairs and modifications can also be done to bring out the most from your controller. Most importantly, it will not only customize your controller depending on your wishes but also protect it from scratches, impact and UV light. That way, you’ll be able to add color to your game and fight your opponents with a palette of colorful variety in hand.

AERROX design shop for custom gaming controller

PS4 or XBOX One, AERROX Can Customize Both

The design specialists at AERROX work best to make your controller look exactly like you want it to. In case of the workshop, AERROX uses selected paint shops to get the customization done so as to retain the guarantee of a flawless finish in work. Recently, AERROX has also come up with their modification for the X and O button which they have termed as XOMOD. It is based on the old Tiptronic technology where light tapping on the Quick Stick will help you trigger the desired key. This is indeed a design shop gamer’s can’t do without.

AERROX XBOX ONE or PS4 gaming controller

The design service is currently available for your PS4 controller as well as XBOX One controller. You can choose to decorate it with logo, text or any color you wish to or simply browse the designs available on the AERROX Shop. Whichever way you choose to make your style in gaming stand out, AERROX will always be by your side in helping you do so with the best craftsmanship standards. Happy Gadgeting!


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