M2Pro steel pizza cutter will replace table knives and change how you eat pizza

If you're looking for a new way to enjoy eating the pizza you love, look no further than this clever new Kickstarter campaign: the M2Pro next-gen pizza cutter. Can it replace the need for a knife? Read on to find out what we think.

M2Pro steel pizza cutter will replace table knives and change how you eat pizza
M2Pro pizza cutter can be used with a fork

We talk about a lot of gadgets here at Gadget Flow. Many seek to change the way we do things and usher in a new era of technology. Well, this is no exception.

A new Kickstarter campaign has a product that wants to revolutionize the way we eat pizza, and it might just work. The M2Pro pizza cutter is a stainless steel personal-size device that’s ready to replace your standard flatware table knife. Let’s see if we can take a bite out of this Kickstarter and what it brings to the table.

M2Pro steel pizza cutter will replace table knives and change how you eat pizza
Stainless steel brushed design with a minimalist aesthetic

Gives you a way to personalize your pizza experience

Pizza can be a funny thing in that it’s such a simple concept and shape, yet there are so many ways in which people enjoy it. Some people are choosier about toppings, while others prefer a thicker or thinner crust. Another area where we may differ is the size and shape of slices.

This is precisely where the M2Pro pizza cutter comes into play. Rather than cutting a whole pizza where everyone has to eat the same size slice, the M2Pro allows each person to further cut slices to their own preference.

Provides more control and flexibility than regular pizza cutters

Traditional pizza cutters can be large and bulky. They aren’t always the easiest thing to maneuver. Regular kitchen knives can be particularly awkward to cut with when it comes to pizza, and both utensils have the potential to squish toppings along the way.

The M2Pro is designed to work with forks the same way you’d use a standard tableware knife. The difference is that you don’t need to saw your way through the pizza, tearing it to shreds. Instead, the M2Pro can cut through in one easy go without having to apply extra pressure.

M2Pro next-gen pizza cutter in action

Has an effective design for performance and everyday use

The M2Pro pizza cutter is expertly made for safe and easy handling. It’s designed with weight and shape that fits perfectly in your hand with an extended handle to protect fingers should any slippage occur.

It also comes sharp enough to cut with literally no effort at all, and it should maintain that edge for a long time. This helps to prevent a dull edge dragging half your toppings off along its cutting path. The product is also 100% stainless steel and dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to wash up after everyday use.

Features a modern, stylish design that looks great on tables

An added bonus to this unique gadget is its stylish and modern design. Its stainless steel brushed surfaces and minimalist, classy design make for a genuinely sleek aesthetic. If the overall appearance is important to you, this is sure to please your eye as it rests atop your dining room table.

M2Pro steel pizza cutter will replace table knives and change how you eat pizza
M2Pro is the perfect table utensil for enjoying pizza

Is a next-gen pizza cutter to revolutionize how we eat pizza

One of the best things about Kickstarter and crowdfunding campaigns is that you never know what kind of smart concepts will become useful products in our homes. The M2Pro pizza cutter shows that even something as seemingly simple as a utensil can be reimagined in a helpful way.

If you’re a fan of pizza and you’re looking for a new way to evolve your pizza-eating experience, this is easy enough to recommend. Is it the next-gen pizza cutter to revolutionize the way we eat those delicious pies? We’ll let our pizza enthusiasts in the audience decide.

You can get the M2Pro on the official Kickstarter campaign page. Pledges start at about $40 for a set of two.

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