Everdure KILN R Series review: An outdoor pizza oven for home that has a rotating table

Meet the Everdure KILN R Series Oven—the secret to achieving pizzeria-quality pies right in your own backyard. Get ready to savor every slice as we explore this game-changing pizza oven.

Everdure KILN R Series review: An outdoor pizza oven for home that has a rotating table
Everdure KILN R Series creates an authentic pizza experience

Elevate your home pizza nights with the Everdure KILN R Series. This pizza oven for your backyard cooks pizza in 2 minutes. Plus, it has a rotating table, giving you an evenly-cooked pie, every time.

Anyone who loves pizza knows that recreating a pizzeria pie at home isn’t easy. You need high temperatures and an oven that’s large enough to rotate the pizza. Sadly, most home ovens can’t replicate these conditions.

I can commiserate. I spent many of my high school summers working in a pizza shop. And l learned early on that my home oven and cookie sheet were no match for a stone pizza oven. So I’m always on the lookout for ways to recreate a crispy, chewy pizza crust at home.

Over the years, I’ve learned that home pizza ovens offer some of the best—and most convenient—results. And that’s why I’m so thrilled to introduce you to the Everdure KILN R Series.

This propane pizza oven heats up to a whopping 752° in under 15 minutes. It also works as a multifunctional oven, cooking a range of other foods.

It’s one of the most user-friendly pizza ovens I’ve seen. Thanks to its rotating turntable, it handles the task of turning the pizza so you don’t have to.

Love the sound of it? Follow me as I consider the features.

Boasts a sleek design that looks great outdoors

One of the first things I noticed about the KILN R Series is its sleek design. While some home pizza ovens look bulky and take up a large amount of outdoor cooking space, this pizza oven doesn’t.

In fact, It has a modern, circular shape that fits easily on most countertops. That way, you’ll still have room for your grill, smoker, rotisserie, etc.

Plus, this outdoor pizza oven comes in beautiful colors: Stone, Graphite, and Terracotta. The oven in any of these colors looks as beautiful for a family pizza night as it does for a pizza party. And, for sure, everyone will ask where you got this sleek new pizza maker.

So, it’s not just a premium pizza maker, but also a home accessory that can elevate your outdoors.

Has a turntable and U-shaped burner for even cooking

The Everdure KILN R Series’ most important feature is its rotating turntable. At the push of a button, the u-shaped burner ignites, and the turntable rotates your pizza—or anything else you happen to be cooking—inside the oven.

It’s a significant feature because it saves someone from having to work the pizza oven all night. Yes, with traditional stone pizza ovens, someone has to stand there and keep turning the pizza.

This pizza oven for the outdoors automates the process. So, instead of positioning yourself in front of a hot oven all night, all you have to do is press a button and this cooking gadget does the work. Meanwhile, you can catch up with your family and friends before mealtime.

The U-shaped burner also contributes to even cooking, ensuring your pizza has a lovely, uniform brown and that toppings all reach the same level of doneness.

Reaches up to 752°F for high-temp pizza cooking

I mentioned that pizza needs a hot oven, and I wasn’t joking. Many of my pizza recipes call for cranking up a home oven as far as it goes and adding a stone to trap in the heat.

In any case, I’m happy to report that the Everdure KILN R Series heats up to an impressive 752°F. It far exceeds the capabilities of a home oven.

And, because it gets so hot, it can recreate those pizzeria results you’re after: a satisfying crispy, chewy crust and thick, melty cheese.

What’s more, the oven’s dual-insulation body maximizes the internal heat, making the most of the propane-powered flame.

Bakes a pizza in 2 minutes

And, thanks to its high temperatures and efficient heat distribution, this pizza oven for home outdoor works quickly. That’s right, in just 2 minutes, you can enjoy delicious premium-quality pizza right in your backyard.

For me, it would be the ultimate quick dinner on a weeknight. I’d buy refrigerated pizza dough at the grocery store, along with the cheese and toppings. Then, I’d only have to preheat the oven while I assembled the pizza.

My kids and husband would be happily fed by 6:30, and we’d all be ready for homework or afternoon activities.

Not only is the Everdure KILN R Series a reliable tool for weeknights, but it also eases entertaining. Let’s face it, having people over takes work.

You’ve got to clean the house, buy drinks, put out food, set the table . . . the list goes on. But with the Everdure KILN R Series in your outdoor cooking space, you know that cooking will be easy.

With a pizza oven that cooks a pie in 2 minutes, no one will be hungry for long. And you can use the extra time to talk to your loved ones and enjoy the evening together.

Cooks a range of recipes as a multifunctional oven

While pizza is this gadget’s specialty, it doesn’t stop there. The Everdure KILN R Series also works as a multifunctional oven and cooks a range of dishes.

According to Everdure, you can use the oven to cook mac & cheese, baby potatoes, skewered meats, and deep-dish pizzas. The company’s website also has recipes for a tarte tatin–like cake and apple/hazelnut galettes. So this gadget can help out with a variety of recipes.

I could see myself using it to cook baby potatoes while I grilled meat. And I love the idea of popping in a fruit pie to cook while everyone’s still eating pizza.

Fits a 16″ pizza and various bakeware/cookware

I mentioned that this pizza oven for the outdoors is great for parties, and I meant it. The Everdure KILN R Series has another excellent feature for entertaining, and that’s its capacity.

This home pizza oven fits a 16″ pizza, which is the size of a pretty large pizza. So you can go well beyond a personal-size pie with this BBQ gadget.

Then, it also works with different bakeware and cookware, which is a relief. So you can use nearly any of the fireproof cooking vessels you already own when you cook with this gadget.

Has a removable pizza stone

Most pizza experts will tell you that you need a stone to produce excellent results for Neopolitan and New York–style pizzas. The stone holds and conducts heat, keeping the oven temperature even. It also produces that crisp crust you get in restaurants.

And, thankfully, the Everdure KILN R Series has one too, helping you achieve a gourmet texture at home. Even better, it’s removable for easy cleaning.

Sets up and cleans easily

Best of all, this pizza oven for the outdoors is easy to set up. The process takes just minutes and basically consists of putting in batteries and connecting the oven to the gas hose.

But it’s not just the setup that happens easily. The cleanup, too, is designed to be as effortless as possible. For instance, the pizza stone is removable. Then, you can simply brush away debris from the burner and inner housing.

This allows pizza to become a stress-free go-to dish for everyday and special occasions.

Runs for 50 hours on batteries

The turntable runs for 50 hours on batteries. So you can expect to host quite a few pizza parties before you need to change the batteries again.

But, if you’re out of batteries, no worries. You can also connect the oven to a power outlet and get power that way. Either way, this is a pretty versatile pizza oven that adapts to different environments and cooking situations.

Enhance your outdoor space

Come April, I start looking for ways to improve my outdoor cooking game. This gadget, I’ve found, is a great way to do exactly that. As a pizza oven that works solely outdoors, it brings everyone to the backyard, patio, or deck for a tasty meal outdoors.

And when you aren’t using this home pizza oven, it packs away easily in the EPCOVER, which keeps it safe from dust and dirt.

Dinner in your backyard will be a coveted invitation with this pizza-making gadget!

Suits pizza enthusiasts and outdoor cooking aficionados

Everdure KILN R Series is a game-changer for pizza enthusiasts and outdoor cooking aficionados alike. As someone who’s spent years searching to recreate that authentic pizzeria experience at home, I can say that this pizza oven fulfills my requirements

The sleek design of the KILN R Series adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor space, making it not just a pizza maker but a stylish accessory that enhances your overall outdoor aesthetics.

But what sets this pizza oven apart is its user-friendly design, especially the rotating turntable and the U-shaped burner. These features take the hassle out of cooking, allowing you to enjoy quality time with your loved ones while your pizza cooks.

Finally, its speed—baking a pizza in just 2 minutes—is impressive. This makes it an ideal choice for quick weeknight dinners and effortless outdoor gatherings.

If you’re looking to elevate your home pizza nights and make outdoor cooking an unforgettable experience, the Everdure KILN R Series deserves a spot in your culinary arsenal. It’s a conversation starter, a time-saver, and above all, a ticket to pizzeria-quality pizza in the comfort of your own home.

Love the Everdure KILN R Series as much as I do? Get it for $899!

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