Martin Jetpack is the Personal Transportation Pod of the Future

Martin Jetpack is the Personal Transportation Pod of the Future

Electric cars were built on yesterday’s technology. For those who want to travel in the most creative, modern way possible, try the Martin Jetpack.

Martin Jetpack side shot

Is This Real?

Yes it is. The Martin Jetpack has been in development for decades. With over 200 horsepower, the pod can keep you in flight for over 30 minutes and reach speeds up to 74kph. It can also fly as high as 3,000 feet.

“Other jetpacks are driven by a hydrogen peroxide fuel, which is a very volatile fuel that burns for 75 seconds. The Martin Jetpack is powered by a 2-litre, 200-horsepower petrol engine with a 30 minute flight time,” said CEO Peter Coker.

“This is real. This is not a paper dream. The aircraft flies, and people are now starting to understand the utility behind it.”

At the moment, there are no regulations for jetpacks.

For now, you could go as fast or as high as you want to go. Various aviation authorities worldwide are scrambling to implement laws on the aerial transportation method.

Martin Jetpack live demo

Safety First

The Martin Jetpack is equipped with several safety features to ensure you get to your destination in one piece. First, the landing frame has the capacity to support over 10Gs of force. There is also GPS hooked up to the pod, because it’s easy to get lost up there without road signs and the guidance of traffic lights.

In case you get into something serious where you need to ditch the jetpack mid-air, a ballistic parachute is readily available. But with careful steering, you shouldn’t have to resort to actually ejecting out of the craft.

White Martin Jetpack

Where Can I Get One?

To get your hands on the revolutionary jetpack, you’ll have to pre-order one directly from the company. One unit costs $150,000 and will start shipping in 2017. Several companies have placed huge bulk orders, so you’ll probably need to wait on the production list for some time before getting your jetpack.

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