This minimalist women’s wristwatch is what you want in your jewelry collection

Keep an eye on the time in a stylish, nature-inspired way with the Folium watch by Arévalo Watches. It has a truly stunning design and can stand up to your everyday lifestyle. But most important, it helps you stay in the present moment. Check out this blog post to learn more about this unique new watch.

This minimalist women’s wristwatch is what you want in your jewelry collection
Arévalo Watches Folium with leaves

Make a style statement with the Arévalo Watches Folium minimalist women’s timepiece. This minimalist women’s wristwatch has an eye-catching design with its leaflike hands and 38 mm gold-colored case. It’s a simple yet classy piece of jewelry. Instead of watching time slip away as you scour the internet on your accessorized smartphone, a traditional watch reminds you to take a step back and savor the present. Time is precious, and you can show how much you value it by the watch you wear.

The Folium is striking. Its design takes an unmistakable cue from nature with its robin’s-egg blue face and band along with its leaf-like hands. Yet, this watch is also elegant with its gold-colored case and simple time markings. Overall, this timepiece takes a minimalist approach with some true flair, and any wearer who loves the outdoors will appreciate this women’s watch. What are its features? Let’s find out.

V Arévalo Watches Folium minimalist women’s timepiece
Arévalo Watches Folium close up

The Miyota 2035 quartz movement is precise

As an analog quartz movement, a battery with a crystal oscillator at its core powers the Miyota 2035. Most watches today rely on analog quartz movements since they boast a long battery life and tell precise time. The Miyota 2035 quartz movement, for its part, has a battery life of three years and an accuracy of ±20 sec per month. So it’s a high-quality movement that won’t require much maintenance.

This minimalist women's wristwatch is what you want in your jewelry collection Arévalo Watches Folium minimalist women’s timepiece
 Arévalo Watches Folium in a box

The sapphire crystal lens is scratch-proof

You won’t have to worry about scratching this watch’s lens with your keys or by accidentally brushing it against a wall or a piece of furniture. The Folium’s lens is made of sapphire crystal glass, a synthetic sapphire that’s combined with crystallized aluminum oxide. It’s a remarkably sturdy material with a mineral hardness value of 9 Mohs. So this lens is quite scratch-resistant, more so than quartz or gorilla glass. That means it can keep up with your active lifestyle.

This minimalist women’s timepiece resists water

While this minimalist women’s wristwatch makes a gorgeous accessory, it can also stand up to everyday contact with water. It has a 3 ATM water-resistance rating, so it can weather splashes of water when you wash your hands or get caught in the rain. So this isn’t just a decorative watch that you have to remove every time you want to do something other than meet and greet. You can wear it as you go about your day without any worries about minimal amounts of water.

The genuine leather band feels luxurious

The Folium‘s classy look even extends to its band, which is an eye-catching shade of robin’s-egg blue and features genuine leather. You’ve got to love the look of a real leather wristband. It adds a contrasting softness to a watch’s metal case, and it feels comfortable against the skin. While metal bands tend to pinch the skin and leave marks on your wrist, you can wear a leather band all day without noticing it. Well, you’ll notice it, but only for its beautiful design. And, of course, leather is a classic material that adds to the Folium’s traditional yet streamlined look.

A traditional watch is so elegent

There’s nothing quite like a traditional women’s wristwatch. It’s a functional piece of jewelry that keeps time right on your wrist. That way, you can discretely check the hour during a meeting instead of having to pull out your smartphone and potentially signal to your client that you’re bored. In fact, with this minimalist women’s watch on your wrist, you might attract the right kind of attention. The Folium’s design says that you’re bold and stylish, yet practical.

This nature-inspired watch keeps time on your side

Ever notice how time seems to slip away? It seems you do a few things and the day is over. When you’re constantly bombarded by information, headlines, deals, social updates, and on and on, it’s a challenge to stay in the present moment. But a watch like the Folio can help you focus on what’s important—your time. It’s not endless, so you have to use it wisely and consciously. With a watch that keeps you mindful of that, you’re more likely to achieve your goals and what matters most to you.

The Folium is a beauty. It features a striking nature-inspired design with its colors and leaf-like hands. But it’s not just a pretty face. With its Miyota 2035 quartz movement, it has a long battery life. And its scratch-resistant lens and 3 ATM water-resistance rating make it suitable for light everyday wear. You want your accessories to make a statement about you and your personality. People who go for elegant yet useful personal items are going to love this watch.

The Arévalo Watches Folium minimalist women’s timepiece costs $120, and you can buy it on the company’s official website. What are your favorite ways to minimize distractions and focus on what’s important? Let us know in the comments.

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