This modern air purifier amps up your home decor

You need an air purifier, but the typical machines offer an aesthetic that could clash with your home’s look. That’s why you’ll want to check out the gorgeous Löv modern air purifier. This air purifier’s design is inspired by nature’s leaves, stones, and rolling hills to give you a compact, functional product that looks great in any space.

This modern air purifier amps up your home decor
Löv Stylish Air Purifier Standing Vertically

Clean air is something everyone wants at home. After all, your house is where you eat, sleep, watch Netflix, and—these days—work. It makes sense to be concerned about your indoor air quality because it can be just as poor as the outdoors in a big city. That’s a discomforting thought. And for that reason, you need an air purifier at home.

Unfortunately, most air purifiers can be bulky, ugly machines that, while they’re useful, look pretty unsightly next to your Nordic bookcase. But you don’t have to destroy that modern, cozy look you’re going for. Check out the Löv modern air purifier for an excellent solution.

This air purifier is different from the ones you’ll find at the hardware store. With a design influenced by pebbles, leaves, and rolling hills, this compact gadget is a beautiful, functional home accessory. And because you can hang it on a wall or prop it like an easel, it’s an adaptable little appliance that’s ready to change whenever you need it to. Because your life doesn’t stay the same, and the devices you buy should be able to transform themselves right along with you.

Hang this slim purifier on the wall

Most air purifiers are bulky devices that make your living room look cluttered. Or they take up valuable space, like an area where you could put a potted plant or smart kids gadgets to keep your little ones occupied. That’s why the Löv designers made this product only eight centimeters thick. They achieved this shape by updating the fans and including 12 small ones along with the purifier’s inner frame. This gives you a flat, thin shape that you can hang on a wall. How nifty is that?

Choose from four adaptable positions

When you become a homeowner, you soon realize that your space needs change from year to year. For that reason, the best homes and appliances adapt to fit your requirements. And this modern air purifier does just that. Its slim shape gives you four positions to work with: vertical wall hanging, horizontal wall hanging, vertical standing, and horizontal standing.

The hanging positions make the device look like a fancy, artistic speaker. Certainly not an air purifier. For the standing options, just pop on the one-touch cradle, and the Löv will look like a painting propped on an easel. Place it on your dresser or entryway table to add soft ambiance and produce filtered air. No matter how your needs or home décor change, this air purifier will be right there, looking stylish wherever and however you place it.

Löv Stylish Air Purifier

Löv Stylish Air Purifier on a wall with a group of friends

Fill your home with clean air

An air purifier isn’t all about looks. We know you want a device that will actually keep your air clean. Don’t worry, Löv ticks that box too. This gadget is equipped with a prefilter that removes hair and dust; a HEPA filter to take out fine particles like bacteria, pollen, and other allergens; and a carbon filter for odors, So2, No2, toluene, and formaldehyde. In all, this modern air purifier emits one cubic meter (1.3 cubic yards) of clean air in just ten minutes.

Löv Stylish Air Purifier

Löv Stylish Air Purifier on a Wall with a Book Rack

Keep an eye on your home’s air quality

The filters operate with a sensor that measures fine particles. It’s as precise as a professional air quality monitor. And it displays the concentration of fine particles in color so that you can easily see the air quality in your home. You can also view the display horizontally if you want.

Löv Stylish Air Purifier

Löv Stylish Air Purifier Next to a Print

Choose from two beautiful colors

While your standard air purifiers usually just have black or white color options, Löv comes in lovely Cream White and Knit Grey shades that’ll add a sense of warmth and style to any room.

Löv Stylish Air Purifier

Löv Stylish Air Purifier on a Wall as a Drawing

We all want good air quality at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to invest in a product you don’t like aesthetically. Löv is an excellent example of what can happen when design meets functionality. Since I’m currently renovating a home in the city, I know what air purifier I’m putting on my list. This is a gadget that’ll look good, no matter where you place it. And it performs an important job: cleaning your air.

The Löv modern air purifier costs $169, and you can preorder it on the company’s official website.

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