Must-have keyboards that will help you type faster

Your home keyboard is getting a hefty workout in. You're likely using it more than ever if you weren't able to bring office equipment home from your office. Or if you're gaming more than what you used to, you might find that you need a better keyboard for that too. Whatever your needs, we have the goods.

Must-have keyboards that will help you type faster
Lofree Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard Design

Working from home. Gaming. Writing the next great American novel. Documenting all of the things happening with the pandemic so you can share them with your grandkids. Furiously typing away in response to that one uncle on Facebook who doesn’t understand science. Our keyboards are getting a workout unlike they’ve ever seen before. Heck, you might have even broken off a few keys by now. Wherefore art thou E key? If you’re shopping around for a new one, our list of must-have keyboards just might tickle your fancy.

According to Ratatype, the average person types 37–44 words per minute. Let’s say that’s an average of five characters per word, plus an added space in between … that’s a lot of clicks on your keyboard per ten minutes spent typing. Try about 2,200–2,640 clicks. And we won’t even contemplate what that means for the fastest English typist ever recorded at 216 words per minute. And don’t forget about all of that data entry and those numbers you need to enter in. A good numpad could cut down on your time immensely.

Needless to say, you need a good keyboard that can handle your workload, your social media, your gaming, your novel writing. … You get the picture. You need a good keyboard. And we’re lookin’ out for you.

Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad Sleek Keyboard

Don’t let your tablet or laptop keyboard hold you back. The Satechi Bluetooth Extended Keypad Sleek Keyboard gives you access to all the keys you could possibly need. With a number pad, macOS shortcut keys, and navigational arrows, this wireless keyboard keeps you working at full speed. This wireless keypad is both compact and lightweight—and it doesn’t even require a receiver because it has built-in Bluetooth. You don’t have to compromise efficiency just because you’re not in the office with your full desk setup.

Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical Switch Keyboard

You’ll be tippity-tap typing away with super speed when you have the Razer Huntsman Elite Opto-Mechanical Switch Keyboard. With Razer Optical Switches, this gadget uses light signals to instantly respond to each touch of a key. So every tap is not only light but also instantaneous—and you still get that clicky sound you love. Offering super-fast actuation, this opto-mechanical switch keyboard makes sure you don’t miss a moment of the action. Additionally, this Razer gaming keyboard has stabilizer bars on each keycap, meaning you can press any spot on the key and receive the same instant response.

Everest Fully Customizable Gaming Keyboard

If you’ve been looking for an upgrade to your mechanical gaming keyboard or you’re a creative pro looking to make some changes to your accessories, the Everest Fully Customizable Gaming Keyboard by Mountain should be on your list. This gaming accessory features a user-centric design that you can make uniquely yours. You’ll have a removable numpad with four dedicated color display keys that you can customize to your favorite shortcut and icon. It also features a removable media dock with a display dial. Additionally, you can remap all keys on the Everest keyboard, including the numpad display keys and the media dock.

Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard

With the Logitech Ergo K860 Ergonomic Keyboard, you won’t feel strained after a long day at the computer anymore. This keyboard features a split design to improve your posture and provide better support. With a curved body, the Ergo K860 places your forearms in a more natural position. This is something you’ll notice the moment you start typing. You’ll also feel a smoother, more precise keystroke with the matte keys.

Apple All-New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Get the most out of your new iPad Pro with the Apple All-New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro. This keyboard makes typing on your tablet a breeze, and it even has a trackpad that works seamlessly with iPadOS. And that’s not all this new Magic Keyboard offers. In fact, it even comes with a USB-C port that allows pass-through charging. Thankfully, this iPad Pro keyboard also has a design that protects your device both front and back, so you feel safer using it anywhere.

Apple All-New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Apple All-New Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro in Use

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad

By hooking up the VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad to your laptop, you instantly increase your productivity. If you’re someone who frequently uses numbers, you know it’s much easier to type them quickly on a number pad. This lightweight and compact mechanical number pad weighs just 138 grams and measures fewer than 15 centimeters in length. So it’s easy to toss in your laptop bag or suitcase when you’re headed out to work on the go. Whatever reason you work with a lot of data, this wireless numpad includes 34 keys you’ll use frequently.

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad

VOAMOKO USB-C Numeric Keypad Bluetooth Numpad in Use

Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub All-in-One Keyboard

Are you looking for an upgrade to your keyboard? It’s time to check out the Kolude Keyhub All-in-One Keyboard. This unique gadget features a USB hub and takes your Apple keyboard to the next level. It’s both beautiful and comfortable while still having all the functionality—and more—that you want. Compatible with 18-100W charging, it also supports data transmission. It works with all languages, and the scissor-switch will give you a great typing experience. You’ll have an HDMI port, TF port, SD port, USB2.0 port, three USB3.0 ports, PD port, and a USB-C port.

Lofree Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard

There’s nothing quite like the tapping sound of keys as you type your latest chapter. The Lofree Four Seasons Retro Mechanical Keyboard gives you that sound: the sound of creativity and accomplishment. This retro keyboard comes in Autumnal Grey for fall, Aestival Blue for summer, and Vernal White for spring. With mostly white keys, each typewriter keyboard has at least one pop of color. On one, it’s a coral escape key, while another has a green enter button.

Cooler Master SK621 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Whether you’re a gamer or not, the Cooler Master SK621 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard upgrades your workstation. While it’s marketed as a Bluetooth keyboard, this device actually comes with hybrid wireless capabilities. If you want lag-free functionality, you can plug the keyboard into your computer as you would any other. When plugged in, the device uses N-key rollover technology, ensuring every single touch of the keys registers on screen. To go unplugged, the keyboard has a powerful battery that can last up to five months and charges via USB.

Retro, light-up, simple, gamer.… There’s something for everyone. And even if you aren’t necessarily in super need of a new keyboard, aren’t you just looking for something new to buy? Let’s face it, you’ve already bought everything else lately, so why not just add this to the list. How is your keyboard holding up during the pandemic? Let us know!

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