Must-have work desks of 2020 for your home office setup

A great desk can make all the difference at work, especially if your office is at home. So today, we're highlighting some of our favorite work desks for home offices. Keep reading this blog post to see how they can transform your workspace.

Must-have work desks of 2020 for your home office setup
A beautiful Apple product based work desk setup / Credits: Satechi

It’s easier to work your best when you have the right setup. And, when you work from home, having the proper desk can be all you need to switch seamlessly into professional mode. So, with that in mind, today we’re rounding up our must-have work desks of 2020. They’ll help you feel ready for work the second you sit down.

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Whether you’re going for a work table that can double as a dining room table or you want to add some more movement to your day with a standing desk, you’re sure to find a great work surface on this list. That’s important because a good desk can set the tone for your entire workday. Let’s take a look at some of the best desks we’ve come across recently.

Artifox Walnut Table

A beautiful addition to any home workspace, the Artifox Walnut Table is great for one person or multiple people. Beneath the surface is a cable management system that hides your cords. This furniture also makes a great dining table for up to four people at the end of the day.

Autonomous SmartDesk 4 Advanced Standing Desk

Another great product on our list of must-have work desks of 2020 is the Autonomous SmartDesk 4 Advanced Standing Desk. This sturdy standing desk can support up to 350 pounds, and its electric motor is quiet. It even comes with an app that helps you maintain a healthier balance between sitting and being active.

Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface

The Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface makes a great workspace and gorgeous accent piece to your home. Best of all, it takes just five minutes to assemble. Don’t let this ease-of-use factor fool you; this desk features quality materials like birch plywood and steel legs.

AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk

Change the way you work when you have the AiT Smart One App-Controlled Desk. It’s a height-adjustable desk that keeps your health in mind and that you control via a smartphone app. The desk can monitor the time you’ve spent sitting and notify you when you should work in a standing position.

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk

Work more comfortably with another great desk on our list of must-have work desks of 2020: the Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk. Made with a steel base, the frame desk ensures you can put as much pressure on it as you need to.

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk

Uhuru Design Frame Rise sit-stand desk in use

Autonomous SmartDesk Business Edition Standing Desk

Stay active while you work with the Autonomous SmartDesk Business Edition Standing Desk. This sit-stand desk can help you boost your energy since it keeps you in a standing position while you work. It also moves to a sitting position when you need to be off your feet. Plus, its motor is quiet.

Mario Tsai Pure Desk Handcrafted Wooden Workspace

A great fit for any home office, the Mario Tsai Pure Desk Handcrafted Wooden Workspace was designed with productivity in mind. It comes with four storage modules: bookcase, bag, patch panel, and drawer. These allow you to store your office supplies while keeping the surface clear.

Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk

Another great product on this roundup of must-have work desks of 2020 is the Sean Woolsey Efficiently Designed Smart Desk. This desk comes with three drawers and gives you plenty of surface to work on. It even comes with a built-in Qi wireless charger and other cool features.

Fitfit Dual-Colored Electric Standing Desk

Have a desk surface that you can change when you have the Fitfit Dual-Colored Electric Standing Desk. It adjusts its height easily and has an interchangeable top. That’s right, one side is birch wood while the other is mahogany.

Bluelounge StudioDesk Advanced Office Desk

Keep your workspace tidy when you have the Bluelounge StudioDesk Advanced Office Desk. With a table-style design, it lets you store cables, adaptors, and other gadgets underneath it for a clean workspace. Featuring solid birch wood, this advanced office desk looks great wherever you set it up.

De-sk Modular Desk System

The De-sk Modular Desk System is on our list of must-have work desks of 2020 because you can rearrange it according to your needs. It consists of a system of slats that you can easily switch without any tools. The slats also provide integrated wire management for a clean workspace appearance.

De-sk Modular Desk System

De-sk Modular Desk System on a work setup

Zegen Duoo Minimalist Writing Desk

Focus on your tasks more easily with the Zegen Duoo Minimalist Writing Desk. This desk is exactly what you need it to be: streamlined and organized. It comes with an elevated valet tray that lets you easily access your office supplies. And the slide-out drawer stores your documents.

We hope you enjoyed the desks on this list. As you can see, there are so many great ways to set yourself up to work your best at home. Let us know in the comments which of these desks you liked the most.

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