Neon LED tube lighting that you can shape into anything–meet Twinkly Flex

Twinkly is at it again with Twinkly Flex: neon LED tube lighting that's completely shapable. You can even connect it to other Twinkly devices like the Twinkly Music microphone so it can sync with your audio. This is one customizable RGB smart light you don't want to miss. Get ready to have your creativity inspired!

Neon LED tube lighting that you can shape into anything–meet Twinkly Flex
This neon LED tube lighting can be shaped into anything

Who doesn’t love great ambient lighting these days? Setting the mood for your home theater or expressing yourself through creative, colorful lighting has never been more fun. With Twinkly Flex neon LED tube lighting, you have even more options to work with! Is the length too short? Flex tubes can connect to each other to extend your design.

These smart neon-like flexible lights can also be controlled through the dedicated app. They can even integrate with voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa. Check out this brilliantly luminescent product from Twinkly and see for yourself.

Light up your life with shapeable neon LED tube lighting that syncs to your music
Neon LED tube lighting creates a fun ambiance

LED lighting with tech specs that shine as brightly as its appearance

Good LED lighting products aren’t always easy to find. The market is oversaturated with cheap lights that look reasonable on the surface but lack severely in quality. Twinkly Flex lighting tubes deliver on both sides. They’re a solid build and feature Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. They’re approximately 78 inches long and include 192 RGB capable LEDs. With a lifespan that lasts over 30,000 hours backed by a 1-year guarantee, it’s a great bang for the buck.

Dedicated app lets you customize colors, fx, and sync with other Twinkly devices

An integral part of the Twinkly Flex experience is the dedicated app. The app allows you to create genuinely unique designs using your Flex lighting tubes. It packs a slew of pre-made effects, animations, and even lets you make your own from scratch. Each of these effects can be adjusted. Want to change the brightness? No problem! The color, speed, and intensity are all tweakable and expand the degree to which you can create. Last but not least, you can use pull other Twinkly devices together to form synchronized light layouts.

Twinkly Flex Neon LED tube lighting in action

Flexible tubing so you can creatively shape unique designs

With Twinkly Flex, the only thing limiting what you create is your own imagination. Any shape you can think of is possible, from animals and people to symbols and objects; your design can be as simple or complex as you like. All you need are the included clips and holders to keep your work in place. While walls are wildly popular to build on, behind and underneath furniture provides lots of additional options. Twinkly packages basic blueprints with Flex tubes just to get ideas flowing.

Twinkly lets you dance to the beat in style

Ah, the simple pleasures of technology. As if it wasn’t already exciting enough to craft an ambient lighting oasis at home, you can even dance in style as well. Using the Twinkly Music microphone (sold separately), you can map your light layout to sync with the audio. It’s a great way to upgrade your visual experience to an audio-visual one.

Light up your life with shapeable neon LED tube lighting that syncs to your music
Neon LED tube lighting can become artistic designs

Flex Neon LED tube lighting offers

There’s so much to love about the RGB neon aesthetic. It’s embraced by gamers, streamers, interior designers, and tech enthusiasts for a reason: because it’s just dang beautiful to look at. With Twinkly’s easy-to-install Flex lights, it only gets better. If you’re a fan of ambient LED or smart home lighting, you really need to check out these enjoyable lights.

Twinkly Flex neon LED tube lighting is available from the official Twinkly website for $99.

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