New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags Offer Sustainable Luxury

New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags Offer Sustainable Luxury

While travelling, there’s an unspoken rule: take nothing, leave nothing. This adage helps to preserve our planet’s beauty while ensuring future nomads and locals alike can take in the same beauty. Although we may roam with this mentality, few of us actually travel ethically, until now. Introducing the New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags. These travel and everyday must-haves:
– feature recycled materials
– offer style and storage
– help those in need with each purchase

Coming in a variety of luxury styles, there is a New Globe Traveller Bag for every aspect of your life.

Ethical Bags with Style

While the New Globe Traveller Bags are superbly eco-friendly, that’s far from your thoughts at first glance of these luxurious bags. However, each bag in this collection actually features upcycled leather as well as recycled tire inner tubes. The all-black materials give the bags a well-deserved sense of sophistication and luxury. In addition, they are all complete with signature white stitching and gun metal hardware. Even with the high-quality, no two New Globe Traveller Bags are alike. The recycled materials contain many of the original wear and markings which give each its own unique quality.

New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags Offer Sustainable Luxury

Full Range of Style

Incredibly, the New Globe Traveller range features five useful and stylish options. These include a Messenger Bag, Ladies’ Tote, Laptop Bag, 20L Backpack, and, finally, a Weekend Holdall. In addition to the sustainable materials, the Ladies’ Tote, Backpack, and Weekend Holdall all come with a beautiful vintage clasp closure. Each bag in this collection provides ample space as well as a luxurious, high-quality cotton lining. There truly is something for everyone.

New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags Offer Sustainable Luxury

One Bag at a Time

Yet, the most important feature of the New Globe Traveller collection isn’t on the bags at all. The brand is the world’s first One-for-One, One-to-One business. With each and every single purchase, you’re supporting an underprivileged child from a developing country. Each purchase funds his or her primary school education for an entire year, all in the name of the buyer. Not only are you saving the world from additional waste, you’re helping children’s dreams come true.

New Globe Traveller Ethical Bags Offer Sustainable Luxury

What We ❤️️

Our favorite thing about the New Globe Traveller Bags is the way the brand gives back. As if you needed another reason to purchase one of these lovely bags!

Future Designs

With such a helpful business plan, it’s hard to hope for anything more. Perhaps the brand can make use of even more recycled materials in the future.

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Kickstarter: Until March 22nd
– Pledge: £95/$116.82 for the Messenger up to £135/$166 for the Weekend Holdall
– Delivery: May 2017

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