The New LG ProBeam Smart Projector Uses Laser Light for Perfect Daytime Viewing

The New LG ProBeam Smart Projector Uses Laser Light for Perfect Daytime Viewing

As TVs continue to grow in size and resolution, they hog an ever-expanding space within our main living areas. One solution is to use a projector, but the picture quality often disappoints. No such worries with the newly announced LG ProBeam — this smart projector offers vibrant daytime viewing thanks to powerful laser lighting, and runs webOS for easy access to online content.

– The ProBeam offers full HD resolution

– Laser technology delivers 2,000 lumens for ultra-bright picture

– Sound Sync Adjustment prevents audio lag over Bluetooth

Smart Projector Review

Smart Projector

Unlike the rage-inducing PowerPoint machines that frequent every office, the ProBeam projector is both compact and full of innovative features. Whereas regular halogen-powered projectors struggle to top 700 lumens, the ProBeam kicks out a dazzling 2,000 lumens, with full HD resolution. It is enough to provide home cinema quality even in brightly lit spaces.

In spite of the extra power, LG says that this is the lightest laser projector ever created. Given the ProBeam weighs just 2.1kg (4.6 pounds), it’s hard to argue. The design is undoubtedly beautiful, with curved edges and a new-retro finish. The tall shape is also less cumbersome than the usual low, squat footprint of many projectors.

Smart Projector Review

To make the most of this visual prowess, the projector runs webOS, LG’s unique blend of Linux. This means ProBeam can run apps and stream content direct from the web, while Bluetooth connectivity provides the option to use speakers and headphones. Sound Sync Adjustment technology prevents the annoying sound lag that often comes with wireless sound.

“The LG ProBeam has a slim, sleek design which makes it more portable thanks to its innovative I-shaped laser engine.“ — LG Press Release

Although the ProBeam is not yet available for purchase — LG hasn’t even revealed the specs — there is every reason to get excited about this laser projector. The price will probably be high, but LG is offering a glimpse at the future of home entertainment.

Smart Projector Review

What We Like

A smart, portable home cinema that provides a great viewing experience in any light conditions.

Areas for Improvement

There is no release date yet, so you will have to visit the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to check out the ProBeam.

Smart Projector Review

Coming Soon

As mentioned above, LG has not yet divulged the release date or pricing of the ProBeam smart projector. Expect more details in the first week of the New Year, when the device will be on display at CES.

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