The New OtterBox Rugged Coolers Are Made for Adventure

The New OtterBox Rugged Coolers Are Made for Adventure

Camping out in the woods usually means waving goodbye to creature comforts. The wildness can feel good, but leaving the ice-cold beer behind is difficult when the temperature rises. OtterBox, famous for making rugged phone cases, has just unveiled a line of rugged coolers that will keep you refreshed on every adventure.

– Venture line of coolers can withstand being dropped and abraded

– OtterBox claims the coolers can keep ice frozen for 14 days

– Modular design supports wheels, drinks holders and other extras

Ridiculously rugged coolers

You might be wondering, “How rugged does a cooler need to be?” After all, the most adventurous journey most coolers make is from the car to your tent.

The OtterBox Venture cool boxes are designed for something more challenging. In particular, they have been made to resist bears. No, you didn’t misread — in fact, OtterBox gave one to a grizzly for testing purposes. By the final bell, the cooler had won, walking away with official approval from the Interagency Grizzly Committee.

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Even if you plan to avoid larger wildlife, these coolers should endure every bump and scratch in the back of your car. During the design phase, the Venture range was dropped, smothered in chemicals, frozen, dragged, and generally beaten up. Again, they came away unscathed.

OtterBox Venture Coolers

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Aside from ruggedness, the Venture line can keep your food frozen for 14 days. The modular design means you can also add extras. These include wheels, bottle openers, drinks holders, cutting boards, and shelves.

“I started OtterBox in 1998 as an outdoor brand, and we’re refocusing our efforts here in a big way. Our new coolers deliver on the OtterBox commitment to innovation, quality and our customers.” — Curt Richardson, OtterBox founder

What we <3

The famous OtterBox durability protecting your most prized alcoholic possessions. Or perhaps your orange juice.

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Room for improvement

The Venture range is pricey, and the additional strength comes with extra weight.


The Venture range will be available to purchase from next month at Best Buy, and perhaps slightly earlier via OtterBox. Prices start at $249.99 for the 25-quart model, and go up to $399.99 for the 65-quart version.

Can you see yourself grabbing this rugged cooler? Share your adventures in the comments!

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