Neyya Smart Ring Delivers Robust Finger Controls for Your Gadgets

Neyya Smart Ring Delivers Robust Finger Controls for Your Gadgets

When smartphone apps aren’t enough to customize your IoT experience, there’s Neyya. The smart ring is a versatile device that offers real-time controls for a wide range of devices. Here’s a closer look at the unique, discreet wearable.

Neyya smart ring on desk

Presentations and Monitoring

The ring is the ultimate companion for your handheld devices. It is compatible with iOS, OS X, Windows 8.1, Roku smart TV boxes and GoPro shooters. There are also non-app options available on Siri for direct commands. The most useful feature of the wearable is its ability to manage presentations in real-time using PowerPoint integration. This hands-off approach adds fluidity to pitches and keynote speeches.

For everyday use, Neyya offers instant notifications for messages using vibrations and lights. The top of the ring actually serves as a touchpad. You can use your finger to swipe and tap around a selection or navigation screen. Using Bluetooth, your devices are securely connected to the ring.

Neyya wearable on finger

Under the Ring

Inside, the unit packs a powerful lithium ion battery that provides roughly 10 days of juice on standby mode. For light users, the wearable can last around seven days on a full charge. Due to the external features of the device, it can feel bulky and fat. But keep in mind that this is a functional gadget. You don’t have to have it on your finger all day. Neyya is currently going for $139 for the titanium model and $179 for the 18K, gold-plated option.

“Wearables like Fitbit and Apple Watch have transformed the way we track, monitor and manage our health and communications,” said Sonia Hunt, Neyya president. “With Neyya we are attempting to reimagine the way we control and interact with our productivity devices. Our team is focused on creating interactive products that engineer a conscious shift in the way we work and experience our daily lives.”

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