PillSuite Solves the Age Old Problem of Organizing Pills

We talk about taking care of our health every single day. There are fitness trackers and fancy wearable tech being introduced time and again for us to live a better and healthier lifestyle. But while all that sounds perfect for those who are aiming towards a life without ailments, what can we do for the ones who are already prescribed to take a certain number and types of pills each day. To be honest, I never considered this an important criteria of my life and have always been casual when it comes to having my pills on time. Until I came across this pathetic statement today. I don’t know how many of you have already read about this before but it is for those of you who have been careless like me and miss out on taking their pills and vitamins on time. It is said that on average, a person dies every 19 minutes in the US because they did not take medication as prescribed.

There could be a lot of factors leading towards missed medications but to blame the situation you are in will do no good. I am glad that Phil & Diane Kimmel took a step in getting this problem solved forever. If you thought organizing pills and vitamins is a really difficult task, it’s time to rethink now. With PillSuite in your medication cupboard, chances of missing out your pill intake times will surely be negligible.

PillSuite pill organizer

Don’t Miss a Pill Anymore

The couple found it very difficult to manage their pills and vitamins when packing for a 2 week’s trip and couldn’t come up with a proper solution at all. They didn’t want the same situation to repeat itself the next year and decided to come up with something that would help them carry their pills in a non-confusing way. After observing a machine packing bags in their own factory, the idea of PillSuite finally dawned upon them.

PillSuite pill organizer

This isn’t another box of pill organizer that becomes a real pain to handle at times. Instead, PillSuite is a useful system that will enable you to create individual packets of prescriptions and vitamins. You can prepare them depending on your schedule and requirements which in turn will help you take your pills on time. It’s a three in one system which consists of pill packets, the sorter and the sealer. While the pill packets (preferably called “Suites”) will be the ultimate organizers you’re supposed to carry, the sorter and the sealer are intermediate devices that will help you pack them in an organized manner.

PillSuite pill organizer

Organizing Your Meds Was Never This Easy

You need to follow three simple steps to complete the process of organizing your meds. At first, use the sorter to separate your dosage into seven compartments. There is a funnel within the lid which will rotate into position over each compartment. Whenever you turn the sorter upside down, the funnel will allow the contents of each compartment to easily flow into the corresponding “suite” at a time.

PillSuite pill organizer

You can easily fill each packet with the respective pills each time and then label them accordingly by using the writing surface available on them. These packets are bio-degradable and can easily fit anywhere and everywhere. Pop them in your bag or pockets and carry your pills with ease. Finally, when you have them packed, use the sealer to seal every single packet in a proper way. Since the sealer uses a microprocessor, a perfect seal is guaranteed every time. Once the process is completed, you’ll be all set to carry your pills on the go.

PillSuite pill organizer

PillSuite isn’t some high tech innovation but a very simple system all of us need at home. It sorts a very complicated process we often overlook into three simple steps. This is what makes it one of its kind. Currently available on Kickstarter, you can pre-order your pack of PillSuite starting from a price of $25 only. Always remember to have your pills on time. Happy Gadgeting!

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