The Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum solves regular robot vacuums’ suction problems

Disappointed by your robot vacuum's now-weak suction power? The trouble lies with the dust bin that you have to clean by hand. Luckily, the Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum solves that problem. Its unique dust-collecting duct empties right into the charging station. It reduces your chores and ensures your robot always stays clean and at maximum power. Keep reading this blog post to learn more about this innovative robot vacuum.

The Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum solves regular robot vacuums’ suction problems
Lydsto R1 on a floor

Apart from the washing machine and dishwasher, a robot vacuum is another major tech product that frees us from daily chores. The trouble is that the cleaning performance of a robot vacuum always seems to decline after a while. And that’s where the Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum can help.

The Lydsto R1 self-emptying robot vacuum was made to address the suction loss that regular robot vacuums experience. What is this self-emptying robot vacuum? And how does it solve suction loss? Let’s have a look at this exciting new robot vacuum cleaner.

This self-emptying robot vacuum solves suction loss

The Lydsto R1 is one of the best-selling self-emptying robotic vacuums. This 2,700 Pa strong suction robot comes with a charging station that also collects dust. After each vacuum session, the robot is led back to the station by high-precision sensors. The station, boasting suction power five times that of the typical stick vacuum, empties the robot vacuum through a Lydsto-exclusive side air duct and restores its strong suction. So it’s an innovation when it comes to smart home gadgets.

This design is based on the fact that the cleaning performance of a robot vacuum is determined, to a large extent, by its suction power. And the actual suction power relies on two factors: the standard suction power of the motor and suction loss due to resistance in the air duct.

Lydsto R1 self emptying robot
Lydsto R1 with base station

According to the company, research on resistance in the air duct finds that waste stacking in the dust bin is the main culprit. Researchers confirm that some of the suction power is lost as the dust bin fills up. The solution is obvious: maintaining the robot vacuum’s suction power requires prompt emptying of the dust bin.

Consumers must clean typical robot vacuum models by hand. So the convenience of a robotic vacuum gets offset, or even exceeded, by the time and energy they spend maintaining it. But the self-emptying robot vacuum has emerged to solve this problem.

The Lydsto R1 was born unconventional

The Lydsto R1 dust-collecting station has an arsenal of 29 high-precision sensors. This includes ST LPS22HBTR, KODENSHI ORA2S01, and more. The ST LPS22HBTR piezoresistive sensor can detect over a long distance without interference. And the KODENSHI ORA2S01 IR sensor guarantees the robot’s pinpoint docking.

The dust-collecting station also has a 1,000-watt quality motor. It runs at 50,000 m/min to provide 30,000 pa suction power (five times that of a stick vacuum).

Lydsto R1 self emptying robot
Lydsto R1 in a home

The dust-collection duct of most self-emptying robot vacuum models is located at the bottom. This is likely to store waste and decrease dust collecting efficiency. The Lydsto R1, on the other hand, has a 430 mm dust-collecting side duct. This connects directly to the station. The dust bin empties itself within 12 seconds at 98% efficiency. The dust is collected in a large, 3-liter enclosed bag that you need to replace only every month.

Additionally, armed with Lydsto patented noise-reduction technology, sound-absorbing material, and double-partition-proof features, the Lydsto R1 brings the sound of dust collection to the minimum. So it’s a useful gadget that won’t disturb your everyday activities.

This self-emptying vacuum frees you from cleaning floors

The suction loss consumers experience from regular robot vacuums due to filled dust bins makes app control and scheduling pointless. The Lydsto R1, however, empties itself after every vacuum run to maintain the maximum suction power. Without suction loss, the robot vacuum’s app control and scheduling functions are useful again.

The Lydsto R1 boasts LDS laser navigation, obstacle avoidance, recharge and resume, app control, and scheduled cleaning. These features can guarantee cleaning performance, free you from a chore, and house sit when you’re away for a long time.

The Lydsto R1, created to solve the regular robot vacuum’s failings, relieves us from the physical efforts of floor and carpet cleaning. The day when vacuuming is no longer a household chore is now within our reach.

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