These travel shoes save you so much luggage space because they fold completely flat

Travel smarter and dodge baggage fees with the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection. These lightweight shoes fold to just 2 inches, saving space.

These travel shoes save you so much luggage space because they fold completely flat
Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection side view

Pack efficiently for overseas trips—or just fit everything into your carry-on—with the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection. These travel shoes fold completely flat and reconstruct without any creases. They can definitely help you avoid paying checked luggage fees.

When packing for trips, you’ve got to strategize. If your flight is domestic, you want to fit as much as possible into your carry-on. And, if you’re flying overseas, you want to have everything you need while in an unfamiliar location.

In both cases, you want to avoid paying extra baggage fees. Well, your shoes won’t impede your efforts when they’re part of the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection. These collapsible shoes save a ton of luggage space.

Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection in a video

Fold these collapsible shoes to 2″ thick

Tired of choosing between having enough footwear on a trip and paying airline fees? With the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection, that won’t be an issue anymore. These shoes fold to just two inches thick, allowing room for multiple pairs of shoes.

What’s more, this design feature helps you make the most of your luggage space. With a thin, folded design, they let you fit more winter sweaters, an extra change of clothes, or even light workout equipment.

Pop this travel footwear back up without any creases

Best of all, these travel shoes reconstruct without any creases. That’s right: you can fold, and they’ll pop back up looking as great as they did before.

That’s pretty incredible, and, according to the company, it’s the result of using the latest material technology in the heel and toe counters and pairing it with naturally flexible buffalo leather. With this combination, the shoes never crease.

Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection
Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection in Oliver

Choose a pair of comfortable traveler’s shoes

Comfortable footwear is essential when you travel. Catching the sights in Paris is no time to get a blister from walking in your dress shoes. And you won’t have to worry about that with these travel shoes. The Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection is leather and thus comfortable for walking and all-day wear.

Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection
Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection in Chris

Go for a lightweight design

Meanwhile, these portable shoes are lightweight. That means they don’t weigh down your backpack when you’re walking from the train station to your Airbnb. It also means, again, that they’re super comfortable. When you walk with the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection, your feet will feel light and flexible.

Be ready for anything with this travel footwear

Are you finally going to that business conference in London, but don’t want to waste the space in your suitcase for a pair of walking shoes? With these travel shoes, you don’t have to make any compromises.

But these shoes aren’t great for just faraway travel. They’re also ideal for trips near your home or work. For instance, when you want to bring an extra pair of shoes to change into after a gym workout or day at the office.

Select dress shoes or sneakers

Whether you prefer to dress smartly or go for a more casual style, the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection comes in both dress shoes and sneakers. The dress shoes are flexible and include a memory foam insole that takes the shape of your foot over time.

On the other hand, the sneakers feature an insole that absorbs shock for a full day of comfort and happy walking. Both styles have the company’s proprietary Ace Last, which reduces typical pressure around the heel and ball.

Match your travel shoes to any occasion

No matter your style, this leather product has a look that suits you. Go for the Oliver if you like dress shoes with laces. Or go for Chris, which are beautiful leather loafers. And the Wayne is the line of sneakers that bring casual elegance to your outfit when you run errands.

Check out the cutting-edge materials

We mentioned the materials earlier, but let’s take a closer look at them. These full-grain buffalo leather shoes and sneakers have polymer toe and heel counters, which creates the crease-free folding feature.

In most shoes, toe and heel counters are very firm and made of plastic or cardboard material. They keep the shoe upright and in proper form. However, the polymer toe and heel counters in this collection are flexible, resulting in a shoe that bends and folds.

Additionally, the buffalo leather is soft yet flexible and stronger than the more typical cow leather. Thanks to its impressive elasticity, buffalo leather withstands bending and folding without damage.

Add eco-friendly shoes to your collection

And you’ll be happy to know that these shoes are also eco-friendly since the toe and heel counters are made from eco-friendly polymers. Also, producing these counters doesn’t create waste because all scraps are fully recycled into more counters.

Wear artisan-made shoes from Italy

As if these useful features weren’t enough, a fourth-generation family of artisans in Italy makes this footwear. Each pair is dyed and burnished by hand, making them a handicraft as well as a great travel item.

Travel becomes easier with shoes like those from the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection. They take up practically no space in your luggage. They’re also comfortable and stylish and made from high-quality materials. If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself or a loved one, preorder these shoes.

Preorder the Ace Marks Travel Shoe Collection for $199 on its Kickstarter campaign. What sort of travel gadgets are you looking for, now that travel is slowly coming back? Let us know in the comments.

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