The Pocket Tripod Gives Your Smartphone a Steady Base Anywhere

The Pocket Tripod Gives Your Smartphone a Steady Base Anywhere

Getting the perfect shot with the gear you have is always a welcomed challenge for a photographer, especially when you don’t actually have your camera on you. With smartphones getting more and more advanced with more and more megapixels, photography on the go has come a long way. However, the only problem is that it doesn’t make sense to also lug around a tripod or a clunky selfie stick to keep your phone steady but, without assistance, most photos and videos end up blurry. Introducing the Pocket Tripod by Geometrical Inc.

As the name suggests, this insanely clever device is a tripod that fits in your pocket. With upgrades from its predecessor, the latest Pocket Tripod works with a variety of smartphones as well as most of the popular phone cases on the market. That means less time fumbling with your gear and more time getting the perfect shot.

Pocket Tripod

The Pocket Tripod is completely flat when folded and, at just 2.3mm thick, takes up the same amount of space as two credit cards so it can live in your wallet, pocket, or purse without notice until you need it. Simply unfold the segments of the Pocket Tripod and snap them into place to create the stand. Your smartphone, be it an iPhone or Samsung or LG (or any other), is securely held in place as you capture and record.

Because each phone case is different, the Pocket Tripod comes with your choice of adapter to fit each device perfectly. Available in an incredible 12 sizes (and counting), each adapter differs in size by just .5 mm for the perfect fit. For instance, the 7-mm adapter is ideal for the iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 6/6S Plus without a case while the 7.5-mm adapter works best with the iPhone 5/5S. The Pocket Tripod team have even come up with a device guide so you can select your smartphone model as well as the type of case you have.

Pocket Tripod landscape mode

While fitting your device perfectly, possibly the most valuable feature of the Pocket Tripod is that it allows your device to rotate to the perfect angle without compromising on the secure hold. Because the adapter fits your phone whether it’s in portrait or landscape mode, of even upside down, you have 360 degrees of smooth tilt adjustment so you can compose each shot with precision as you see fit. The Pocket Tripod even separates into two to allow you full view of the screen while in landscape mode.

The Pocket Tripod makes shooting anything as easy as can be. Whether you need a stand for a quick selfie on your travels or you’re shooting the world’s greatest time-lapse, the Pocket Tripod keeps your smartphone exactly where you need it. Live on Kickstarter until July 5th, the team have raised an impressive $70k for their $6k goal. You can reserve your very own for a donation of just $18.

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