This pocket espresso machine lets you enjoy good coffee anywhere

You love the rich aroma and thick crema of your afternoon espresso. But the plastic cups and pods your afternoon ritual generates are a little guilt-inducing. If this rings true for you, you'll want to check out the COFFEEJACK pocket espresso maker. This cup-sized device produces coffee shop quality coffee anywhere. No pods or laminated cups required.

This pocket espresso machine lets you enjoy good coffee anywhere
COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker on a Table with Coffee beans

You can’t function without your two p.m. caffeine hit from your espresso maker. And what would the weekend be without a Sunday afternoon slice of cake and, you guessed it, a double shot of espresso? But the trouble with home espresso makers is that they aren’t very portable, meaning you can only use them at home. They also rely on environmentally harmful pods. And no one wants those washing up next to them on the beach. Also, coffee shop espresso can be expensive over time, and then there’s the fact that you have to wait in line. The inventors of the COFFEEJACK pocket espresso machine hope to help you solve these coffee hangups.

COFFEEJACK echoes the design of a French-press coffee maker with its glass design and press. What makes this device special, though, is its patent-pending Micro-Hydraulic Technology, which enables the machine to reach pressures above nine bar. And quality espresso requires high pressure. Since COFFEEJACK uses hydraulics instead of air compression, this gadget can produce great espresso in a compact size.

This espresso press exerts high pressure

If you love lattes and cappuccinos, you know that the quality of your coffee drink is determined by the espresso you use. Unfortunately, most high-quality coffee makers can cost more than $2000. These machines are also large and, therefore, must stay in either a coffee shop or your home. Since COFFEEJACK can exert high pressure in a compact size, its inventors can sell it for under $100. Now that’s a pocket espresso machine I can get behind.

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker on a Table Outside

COFFEEJACK is easy to use

You’d think that a device that produces so much pressure would be difficult to use. But you can operate this portable coffee machine in just three steps. First, add your favorite coffee. Next, fill the water chamber with hot water. Finally, pump the machine about eight times to extract the espresso. That’s all you need to do to enjoy quality espresso.

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker on a Table Indoors

An espresso maker you can take anywhere

I already mentioned that this pocket espresso machine is designed to produce exceptional espresso in a compact shape. COFFEEJACK is about the size of a coffee mug. That means you can easily stow it in your backpack and enjoy espresso anywhere. Imagine being able to make espresso at work or school without having to dodge out for 20 minutes while you stand in line at the coffee shop, waiting for your espresso.

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker with a Hand

A coffee gadget that’s eco-friendly

And when you make espresso from ground coffee, you won’t harm the environment with those plastic espresso pods that your home espresso maker requires. Also, if you get your espresso fix from the coffee shop next door, you won’t have to toss paper cups every day. But what’s more, this pocket espresso machine is made using 100% recycled plastic. So the oceans will be a little cleaner just from the production of this sustainable gadget.

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker on a Table with a Black Background

This machine produces coffee shop quality espresso

Just because COFFEEJACK portable and easy-to-use, doesn’t mean you’ll lack for quality. On the contrary, the inventors of this machine were adamant that their device should produce superior coffee. So your espresso from this machine will still give off that rich aroma and produce that thick, luxurious crema you adore.

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker

COFFEEJACK Pocket Espresso Maker Pieces on a White Background

The glass is shatter-resistant

Earlier I mentioned that this pocket espresso machine resembles a French-press coffee-maker with its glass water chamber. This element gives the design a unique, quality feel. But the glass is no ordinary glass. It’s shatter-resistant borosilicate, which lets you take this device with you anywhere without the worry that it’ll get crushed in your backpack or luggage.

COFFEEJACK pocket espresso machine is a gadget that genuinely makes your coffee habit easier and more sustainable. It’s also quite surprising that such a small device can produce excellent espresso…it’s just like having a Krups or Nespresso machine that fits in your workbag. And, because of its size and uniqueness, COFFEEJACK makes a great gift that’s sure to impress the coffee lover in your life. It’s definitely on my holiday shopping list.

COFFEJACK costs $92.23, and you can preorder it on Indiegogo.

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