Polar Ice Ball 2.0 Cools Your Drinks in a Beautiful Way

Polar Ice Ball 2.0 Cools Your Drinks in a Beautiful Way

Glaciers are one of the great wonders of the world. In the far north, these towering walls of ice are sculpted by time and the elements. From above, they appear white; abseil into a crevasse, and you find yourself surrounded by the bluest of blues. While you cannot hope to match such sheer natural beauty at home, the Polar Ice Ball 2.0 is the next best thing. This ingenious device enhances your drinks with stunning ice spheres that are perfectly round and clear.

– Silicone tray produces spherical ice cubes without imperfections

– See-through ice is completely free from bubbles and impurities

– Trap fruit or even flowers inside the ice to create fascinating chilly artworks

Belle of the Ice Ball

Long before his product ended up on IndieGoGo, Jack Chu noticed a difference between restaurant ice and home-frozen cubes. He couldn’t explain it, but the restaurant ice somehow tasted better. His wife said this phenomenon was merely psychological, but his daughter concurred with her father’s point of view.

Jack was right, of course. Restaurant ice comes from commercial ice-making machines, which filter out impurities and air bubbles. When you create ice at home, these unwanted additions are usually frozen into your cubes.

ice ball 07

The Polar Ice Ball 2.0 is Jack Chu’s very own solution. This silicone tray creates beautiful ice spheres that measure 1.77 inches in diameter. Because these balls freeze from the outside inwards, all the impurities simply sink and dissolve.

As a result, you get perfect see-through ice spheres every time. The kit also lets you make cubes with the same perfect finish.

ice ball 01

Cool Runnings

You use the Polar Ice Ball 2.0 like any other ice tray. After filling the cups with water, you attach the lid and shove the device in your freezer. As time passes, the unwanted impurities are pushed downwards into the case below.

ice ball 03

After a couple of hours, perfect spheres should emerge. Not only do they taste great, but they melt more slowly than regular cubes. For folks drinking the strong stuff, this makes all the difference.

ice ball 05

In addition, these spheres look amazing. Just the pure ice adds fascination to your drink, but you can also customize your ice. The ice balls are big enough to freeze around a flower or a strawberry. You won’t find a cooler addition to your cocktail.

ice ball 04

The tray produces four large spheres at one time. Alternatively, you can swap the spheres for cubes. With this configuration, you get nine perfectly clear cubes at one time.

“After years of research and testing, we found a special method inspired by the natural ice-formation pattern that takes place in lakes and rivers. Perfect for drink lovers and home parties, Polar Ice Ball 2.0 is a patented device that allows anyone to make multiple spheres and cubes of crystal clear ice in any ordinary home refrigerator.” — U-CUBE Creative on IndieGoGo

ice ball 06

What We ❤️

Firstly, by far the best tasting homemade ice cubes you will ever encounter. Secondly, the prettiest home frozen ice you will ever see. And lastly, they’re so slooooow to melt.

Future Designs

This second-gen version offers quadruple the capacity of the original Polar Ice Ball. Here’s hoping the next one will quadruple it again.


– IndieGoGo: Until September

– Pledge: $49 USD

– Delivery: October 2017

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