Powerbeam is the smart way to charge Apple devices

Now that the iPhone finally supports wireless charging, you might as well take the upgrade. Powerbeam provides tangle-free power both for your phone and your Apple Watch.

Powerbeam is the smart way to charge Apple devices

It was a long time coming, but Apple finally saw sense with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. These smartphones were the first to come out of Cupertino with wireless charging as an option. Of course, Apple didn’t go so far as to provide a wireless charger. That would be stupid — you’ve only paid $1000 for the phone, after all [/sarcasm]. But you know what, that’s actually okay. Powerbeam is a new charger for Apple devices that’s way better than the official one. It can even charge your Apple Watch and other smartphones.

charge apple devices 04

A beautiful dock

Charge Apple devices

There is one thing that unites desk workers of all types: a dislike of wires. Those pesky cables are always tangled or getting in the way. To add extra insult, Apple cables aren’t long enough to reach from the wall socket to your desk.

Powerbeam claims to be the first Apple-focused wireless charger to solve these problems. The gleaming white top surface of this low-profile pad conceals two charging zones — one for your phone and one for your Apple Watch.

[tweet_box]Powerbeam is a new wireless charger for Apple devices. It can charge your iPhone, your Apple Watch, and another USB device simultaneously.[/tweet_box]

When you need power, simply place your Apple devices on Powerbeam. With 10.8 watts of power output, the charging process is impressively fast.

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Apple devices, side by side

Beautiful design

You could be forgiven for thinking this charger was one of Jony Ive’s creations. At just 9mm thick, it’s barely visible above the height of your desk. The all-white design is in keeping with Apple’s penchant for clean aesthetics, as is the subtle branding.

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Minimal profile

The two charging zones are demarcated on the top surface by delicate circles. The left one works with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. In addition, you can charge Qi-compatible devices, such as those made by Samsung and LG. The pad is even powerful enough to charge your phone with the case on.

The right-hand circle is reserved for your Apple Watch. Just lay out your digital timepiece, with the underside flat against the charging pad. Powerbeam utilizes the same MagSafe technology as your original Apple cable.

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It works a charm

Power options

Along with these wireless charging stations, Powerbeam provides traditional power through a USB-A outlet. While this somewhat defeats the point of having a wireless charger, it’s still a useful option to have.

The charging pad itself can be powered through one of three inputs: Lightning, Micro-USB and USB-C. Furthermore, the pad comes with its own USB-A to USB-C cable. At one meter long (3.3 feet), it’s a little on the short side — but it has probably been designed to reach your computer.

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The ultimate charger

Besides, when you consider that Powerbeam costs just $49, buying a longer cable doesn’t seem so bad.

“Powerbeam is the first Qi standard wireless charging pad on the market designed for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch (1, 2, 3). The Apple Watch charging port is seamlessly integrated. No need for an extra Apple Watch charging cable!” — bluestein on IndieGoGo

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Time to upgrade

The good stuff

This charger offers great style and functionality at a rock-bottom price. For anyone with multiple Apple devices, it’s the perfect nightstand accessory.

Possible improvements

There aren’t any standout faults with this charging pad. Our only suggestion would be to offer some different colors.


– IndieGoGo: Until March 2018

– Pledge: $49 USD

– Deal: Gadget Flow Members get 58% off

– Delivery: April 2018

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