This universal IoT gateway device can control anything, anywhere

Are there devices and projects you'd like to connect to the internet? Don't have a clue how to make it happen? The Pebl IoT package can help.

This universal IoT gateway device can control anything, anywhere
Pebl device and Evaluation Board

Connect any of your devices or big ideas to the internet with Pebl IoT package for makers. It’s a universal IoT gateway device that anyone can use to make any device or project smarter.

Got something you’d love to control remotely or collect data on? With the Pebl IoT package, that dream becomes a reality. This cool gadget makes connecting to the IoT more intuitive and straightforward.

Make the IoT more intuitive

As it stands, connecting a gadget or idea using a customized IoT solution can be time consuming, expensive, and technically challenging. The Pebl’s makers, however, believe the process should be more accessible.

So they created a product that pretty much anyone can use. It’s an end-to-end solution that homeowners, business owners, educators, and many others can connect to their projects.

Choose an IoT package that’s easy to use

Best of all, Pebl is ready to go out of the box; there’s no assembly or programming required. Just follow the easy two-minute setup process, and your universal IoT gateway device is ready to go.

Pebl and a laptop

Go for a complete IoT solution

What’s more, the creators say that their connectivity package is a complete IoT solution. That means it provides the software, hardware, and back-end infrastructure for the device and your project, supporting anything you have in mind.

Pebl control on a laptop

See how this IoT gateway works

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, its device works as a component of a custom hardware system. So it’s sort of like an IoT add-on.

To incorporate the Pebl into your work or idea, all you have to do is modify existing or develop new circuitry to meet the requirements of whatever you want to do.

Say you’d like to use it as a sensor that can tell you when you need to water your house plants. You could turn this universal IoT gateway device into a soil moisture sensor that tells you when the soil is dry. You can also see the moisture level on the app on your phone.

Pebl app on a tablet

Select Pebl for security and reliability

The company’s Kickstarter page writes that Pebl comes with enterprise-grade security as a standard feature, unlike similar and more well-known devices.

Pebl is also already programmed. That way, you don’t have to struggle to create the code you need to complete your goal; this universal IoT gateway already has predetermined commands.

Finally, Pebl has watertight housing so electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture damage aren’t issues you have to deal with. This also means it can stand up to tough conditions.

Pebl and a calculator

Communicate with the device using 6 methods

How exactly do you get this universal IoT gateway to work? By communicating with it, of course. Pebl responds to predetermined commands using a range of methods. No matter which you choose, the requests and responses are the same.

For instance, you can manage, track, and control devices using its Portal user interface. Or you can control your gadgets on the desktop application for Windows and Mac.

When you’re out and about, you can check in on your devices using the mobile app for iOS and Android. Then, you can search for and download past data from the company’s servers.

Moreover, Pebl also has an onboarding tool you can connect to via a USB serial adapter. Finally, you can use the fully documented API to script communications to the device.

Check out the 4 communication protocols

Meanwhile, this universal IoT gateway device communicates with other gadgets using four communication protocols: MQTT, POST requests, WebSocket, and wired serial UART.

Learn where you can use Pebl

Pebl was designed to be versatile, so it’s suitable for a variety of environments and situations. Some suggestions are industry, education, domestic, home security, healthcare, agriculture, hobbies, and more.

If you’re working on a project where you’d like to collect data or be notified about what a device finds, this IoT package will work for you.

Add value to your business with this IoT gadget

Pebl’s creators say their device is especially useful for business applications. They mention preventative maintenance, data processing, and remote monitoring as capabilities that might interest business owners.

Read about the Fingoti Portal

The company has also developed the Fingoti Portal, a secure place where you can monitor, control, and interact with your or your customers’ Pebl devices.

You don’t have to use the Portal with your Pebl device. However, the company believes that most users will find that it streamlines use.

To create the program, the company built its infrastructure onto the Microsoft Azure platform for a simple, precise experience. The company says it charges for the use of its communications, dubbed Ripples, on the platform.

Enjoy a powerful Wi-Fi connection

Wondering if this gadget connects to the internet? The answer is yes. Pebl’s onboard 160 MHz 32-bit processor works alongside a Wi-Fi engine to connect to a network. It has a range of up to 50 meters.

Ready to take your work and ideas to a whole new level? Then the Pebl IoT package for makers is for you. Add it to your business, hobbies, or commercial project to get the information you want.

Preorder Pebl for $26 on Kickstarter. What sort of projects would you connect to Pebl? Tell us about them in the comments.

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