The 6GCool portable air purifier cleans 99% of common air pollutants

You can't guarantee that the air you breathe is clean or safe. Fortunately, the 6GCool portable air purifier can. It locates harmful air pollutants and releases clean particles back into the environment. Discover how you can incorporate this gadget into your daily routine.

The 6GCool portable air purifier cleans 99% of common air pollutants
6GCool portable air purifier in white

The air we breathe is critical to our lives. But the air that surrounds you might be contributing to allergic reactions, respiratory problems, unproductivity, tiredness, and more. Airborne particles are invisible but can cause harm when left untouched, and—in some serious conditions—they can lead to nose, throat, and lung damage.

While there’s no way of escaping air in our daily lives, there’s a device that can purify the particles you breathe: the 6GCool portable air purifier. It catches dirty air particles and releases fresh air, helping eradicate any health infirmities. It’s different from conventional units you might have seen before because it is small and portable, has an eight-hour battery life, and uses a duo-filtration system to effectively capture any nasties in the air.

Boasts a portability factor

The 6GCool portable air purifier doesn’t have a bulky design, which allows you to take it everywhere. And I really do mean everywhere. Use it on public transport, at care homes, in the office, and in many more locations. The 6GCool crams a whole lot of power into a small design so you can experience clean air everywhere you go.

It even comes with an adjustable neck strap. Therefore, you can conveniently carry the device around with you, and it’s always on hand. This prevents fumbling around your bag, and the quick-release clips allow easy removal when you wish to take it off.

6GCool portable air purifier

6GCool portable air purifier around a woman’s neck

Creates a personal zone of clean air around you

This gadget primarily focuses on cleaning the air that surrounds you. This way, it doesn’t waste battery purifying ambient air that you won’t come into contact with—helping preserve the purifier’s eight-hour battery life. Furthermore, the feature allows it to eliminate any nasties that are right before your nose.

6GCool portable air purifier

6GCool portable air purifier in use

Releases clean air into your environment

The key factor of the 6GCool portable air purifier is that it releases clean fresh air from its outlet back into the environment. It achieves this by inhaling dirty air from your surroundings and recycling it into purified air that’s safer to breathe.

To help clarify how it works, let’s discuss the differences between dirty and clean air. Dirty air is often referred to as particle pollution and contains dust, dirt, soot, and smoke. Sometimes you can see these molecules around you—think of floating dirt near sunlight or dark pockets of smoke where there’s a fire. But the dangers also reside in the elements that you can’t see and, thus, don’t try to escape. These particles come from various sources: factories, cars, wood stoves, and more. And inhaling particle pollution can contribute to daily annoyances such as eye irritation, a tickly throat, and tiredness. More seriously, they can be linked to breathing and lung difficulties, and they can find their way into your bloodstream.

Alternatively, clean air doesn’t contain these levels of pollutants, meaning it’s safe to breathe. Remaining free from dirt and chemicals, the oxygen you inhale isn’t contaminated. So you aren’t putting your health in jeopardy.

6GCool uses clever technology to source these harmful particles and protect you from 99% of common air pollutants, including smoke, viruses, and dust. It then focuses on cleaning over 10 liters of air per minute. This is 100 times the rate that a person typically breathes, so you know that this device purifies more than the air you’ll then inhale.

6GCool portable air purifier

Holding the 6GCool portable air purifier

Captures harmful chemicals with its filtration technology

Capturing these harmful particles requires a combination of HEPA filters and PECO filtration. This high-tech portable air purifier locates unsafe chemicals and chops them down into harmless ones that you can breathe.

First, the HEPA filter captures the majority of airborne particles, including allergens, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and pollen. This air purifier also features a titanium dioxide coating and UV-A LEDs for the dirty air to stick to. The ionizer further enhances this efficiency so no harmful particles can outrun this device.

6GCool portable air purifier

6GCool portable air purifier on a child in the car

Accommodates to your lifestyle

As well as making the air cleaner, the 6GCool portable air purifier fits into your daily life. It’s not a loud, intimidating device that’ll capture everyone’s eyes while you’re on public transport. Instead, it features two operating modes: turbo and normal. Depending on your environment, you can crank up the power or choose a subtle mode that won’t disturb anyone.

The normal mode is quieter and a battery-saving option. Alternatively, the turbo mode is ideal for cleaning larger volumes of air when you’re in a crowded environment, such as a public event or watching a firework display.

Overall, this is a gadget that everyone can incorporate into their lives. It gives you control over the air quality you breathe without any complicated setup or impractical methods. You don’t need to wave it around to help it locate harmful particles. Simply switch it on, and its technology will do everything.

Pre-order the 6GCool portable air purifier on Kickstarter for about $140.

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