QardioBase Takes the Guesswork Out of Health Management

QardioBase Takes the Guesswork Out of Health Management

January is the month to get in shape. We have new outlooks on our lives, we start thinking about everything we eat (and don’t eat), and we step on the scale as often as necessary hoping to see a dip in the needle. QardioBase is here to give you results with a smile.

QardioBase in bathroom

QardioBase is a wireless smart scale designed to keep you informed and uplifted. Its sleek and modern look will make sure it’s always out and ready to be used rather than stuffed into the bathroom cabinet.

QardioBase in bedroom

The smart part comes in with its ability to measure a variety of pertinent weight management information. QardioBase calculates your BMI, body fat, muscle, water, and even bone composition. And, not only does it calculate these features, it tracks them, too. So, you can spend less time guessing and more time working out focusing on your health. And, as Christina Bonnington of mentions, if you hit a plateau you can still see that your body is changing toward a healthier you.

QardioBase App Stats

The real magic is how it works. QardioBase uses haptic feedback (AKA kinesthetic communication, AKA touch sensor) to provide the gadget with the stats of your body. To take it a step further, QardioBase syncs with your device to keep you updated on your progress (or lackthereof). It works with iOS 7.0 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher.

QardioBase with smiley

For those who view weight loss and balanced health as challenging (especially with the New Year) will love that QardioBase can report your results with facial expressions rather than numbers. Unique? Yes. Confidence lifter? Even more yes. QardioBase gives you results in emojis to tell you if you’re doing better or worse than your last check in. If you’re really keen on seeing the numbers you can check them out right on your phone or switch the scale to do numbers only (and have your choice of kilograms, pounds, or stone).

To go even smarter, QardioBase has a pregnancy mode so you don’t get frowned at for growing a baby. Additionally, it has a multi-user ability to set different profiles and can even recognise the user.

QardioBase specs

QardioBase is sleek and minimal and will fit anywhere you need it to be. It’s only .76” (19.5mm) tall and 12.5” (32cm) in diameter. It can also host a whole variety of humans in all sizes. Its capacity is 2 to 180 kilograms, which is about 9 to 396 pounds or about .64 to 28 stone.

Qardio have released a suite of health products all designed to mesh with your life in addition to the scale: the QardioArm and QardioCore. The gadget world has been buzzing with Qardio; at CES the team won two awards: Wearables and Sport as well as Fitness and Biotech. Those that got to test QardioBase had rave reviews as well. According to Ana Savin of, the smart scale promotes overall wellbeing and urges us to keep track of our health, not just our weight.

Available this spring, QardioBase will retail for about $150 (which is a whole lot less than lipo and therapy).

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